An efficient solution to use when it is undesirable to expose internal database ids, IdShuffler converts integers like 123 into strings like 'q34nr1', and vice-versa, using a very lightweight integer scrambling algorithm plus 'Crockford 32' encoding. It is built as a native C extension and so is very fast. The algorithm takes a string key as a seed, so you can use different keys for different id spaces and thus obtain different slugs for the same initial integer. This is not a security solution and I am not a cryptographer; it should be assumed a determined individual can unshuffle the ids without knowing the key used to generate them. Also note these are 30-bit ids, so the library can only represent values up to approximately 1 billion (1,073,741,823). This gem is still under development in so far as I have not written tests or documentation for it.

installgem install id_shuffler

Josh Whiting

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