Use two scripts, itgwiki_mirror_backup and itgwiki_mirror_deploy, to maintain a read-only mirror of ITGwiki. itgwiki_mirror_backup runs periodically and automatically on the live instance of ITGwiki to create a backup and copy it to the mirror. itgwiki_mirror_deploy runs on the mirror and is triggered by itgwiki_mirror_backup, imports and adjusts the backup to be read-only, then deploys it on the mirror server. Requires rsync and mysqldump. IMPORTANT: database user passwords are visible as part of the command used to execute the backup and deploy processes. I recommend creating minimally empowered user accounts to execute backup and deploy tasks.

installgem install itgwiki_mirror -v 1.0.3

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gem 'itgwiki_mirror', '~> 1.0.3'
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