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load_balanced_tire 0.11

Tire is a Ruby client for the ElasticSearch search engine/database. It provides Ruby-like API for fluent communication with the ElasticSearch server and blends with ActiveModel class for convenient usage in Rails applications. It allows to delete and create indices, define mapping for them, supports the bulk API, and presents an easy-to-use DSL for constructing your queries. It has full ActiveRecord/ActiveModel compatibility, allowing you to index your models (incrementally upon saving, or in bulk), searching and paginating the results. Please check the documentation at <>. It has been modified to use the load_balance_client gem instead of the rest-client to support multiple elasticsearch servers with failover.

          gem 'load_balanced_tire', '~> 0.11'

          gem install load_balanced_tire


  • Karel Minarik, Matt Ray


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