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mime-types 1.20.1

This library allows for the identification of a file's likely MIME content type. This is release 1.20.1 with new MIME types. The identification of MIME content type is based on a file's filename extensions. MIME types are used in MIME-compliant communications, as in e-mail or HTTP traffic, to indicate the type of content which is transmitted. MIME::Types provides the ability for detailed information about MIME entities (provided as a set of MIME::Type objects) to be determined and used programmatically. There are many types defined by RFCs and vendors, so the list is long but not complete; don't hesitate to ask to add additional information. This library follows the IANA collection of MIME types (see below for reference). MIME::Types for Ruby was originally based on and synchronized with MIME::Types for Perl by Mark Overmeer, copyright 2001 - 2009. As of version 1.15, the data format for the MIME::Type list has changed and the synchronization will no longer happen. MIME::Types is built to conform to the MIME types of RFCs 2045 and 2231. It follows the official {IANA registry}[] ({ftp}[]) with some unofficial types added from the the {LTSW collection}[].

          gem 'mime-types', '~> 1.20.1'

          gem install mime-types -v 1.20.1

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