Ruby-Mongrel2 is a complete Ruby (1.9-only) connector for Mongrel2[]. This library includes configuration-database ORM classes, a Ruby implementation of the 'm2sh' tool, a configuration DSL for generating config databases in pure Ruby, a Control port interface object, and handler classes for creating applications or higher-level frameworks. It differs from the original Mongrel2 Ruby library (m2r), and the mongrel2-rack library in several ways: * It uses the C extension for 0MQ (zmq) instead of the FFI one. If you strongly prefer the FFI library, both of the other Mongrel2 libraries use it, so you'll want to stick to one of them. * It doesn't come with a Rack handler, or Rails examples, or anything fancy. I intend to build my own webby framework bits around Mongrel2, and I thought \ maybe someone else might want to as well. If you don't, well again, there are two other libraries for you. * It includes configuration stuff. I want to make tools that use the Mongrel2 config database, so I wrote config classes. Sequel::Model made it stupid-easy. There's also a DSL for generating a config database, too, \ mostly because I found it an interesting exercise, and I like the way it looks.

installgem install mongrel2 -v 0.9.2

Michael Granger

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gem 'mongrel2', '~> 0.9.2'
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