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required 0.1.2

<p>Required is a utility to require all files in a directory.</p> <p> Why would one want to require a whole bunch of files at once? I have used this gem on 2 projects to: </p> <ul> <li>require dozens of jar files when working on a JRuby project</li> <li>pull in all files before running code coverage (rcov), to find code that is otherwise dead/untouched</li> </ul> <p> Options for <strong>required</strong> include the ability to recursively descend through subdirectories, include/exclude files based on pattern matching, and to specify the order of requires based on filename. An array of all the files that were loaded is returned. </p> <code>require 'required' required "some/path/to/dir"</code> <p>See the README for quick usage instructions</p>

          gem 'required', '~> 0.1.2'

          gem install required -v 0.1.2


  • Arild Shirazi


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