h2. DESCRIPTION Simple "runit": web management tool with i18n. Server will run by @runit-man@ script. Take a note that @runit-man@ must have privileges like @runsvdir@ ones. h2. REST API h3. Get state You can read current state of services in "JSON format": using @GET /services.json@ h3. Management You can manage your services using @POST /service name/command@ Supported commands: up, down, restart, switch_up (activates service), switch_down (deactivates service). You can also send any signal to service using @POST /service name/signal/<signal>@ h3. Read logs You can read tail of service log using @GET /service name/log/count_of_lines.txt@ Note that to use this feature You must do logging using @svlogd options log_directory_location@

installgem install runit-man -v 1.4.8

Akzhan Abdulin

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gem 'runit-man', '~> 1.4.8'
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