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sunspot_rails 2.0.0.pre.120720

Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails adds integration between Sunspot and ActiveRecord, including defining search and indexing related methods on ActiveRecord models themselves, running a Sunspot-compatible Solr instance for development and test environments, and automatically commit Solr index changes at the end of each Rails request.

          gem 'sunspot_rails', '~> 2.0.0.pre.120720'

          gem install sunspot_rails -v 2.0.0.pre.120720 --pre


  • Mat Brown, Peer Allan, Dmitriy Dzema, Benjamin Krause, Marcel de Graaf, Brandon Keepers, Peter Berkenbosch, Brian Atkinson, Tom Coleman, Matt Mitchell, Nathan Beyer, Kieran Topping, Nicolas Braem, Jeremy Ashkenas, Dylan Vaughn, Brian Durand, Sam Granieri, Nick Zadrozny, Jason Ronallo

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  1. 2.1.1 - May 7, 2014 (36.5 KB)
  2. 2.1.0 - October 25, 2013 (35 KB)
  3. 2.0.0 - February 26, 2013 (34.5 KB)
  4. 2.0.0.pre.130115 - January 15, 2013 (34.5 KB)
  5. 2.0.0.pre.120925 - September 25, 2012 (34 KB)
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