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superators 0.9.0

FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Presently a superator operand must support having a singleton class. Because true, false, nil, Symbols, and Fixnums are all specially optimized for in MRI and cannot have singleton classes, they can't be given to a superator. There are ways this can be potentially accounted for, but nothing is in place at the moment, causing this to be classified as a bug. * When defining a superator in a class, any operators overloaded after the superator definition will override a superator definition. For example, if you create the superator "<—" and then define the <() operator, the superator will not work. In this case, the superator's definition should be somewhere after the <() definition. * Superators work by handling a binary Ruby operator specially and then building a chain of unary operators after it. For this reason, a superator must match the regexp /^(**|*|/|%|+|-|<<|>>|&|||^|<=>|>=|<=|<|>|===|==|=~)(-|~|+)+$/. == SYNOPSIS:


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