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typogrify 0.0.1

Thanks to Pat Allan & his regex-fu, Anthony Kolber ( for showing me Typogrify. Square Circle Triangle ( because I mashed it together on a Friday afternoon at work :) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: * Multiple adjacent caps are wrapped in <span class="caps"> (Gives you a handle on small caps) * Single and double quotes are wrapped in a class name matching their entity name in HTML * Ampersands wrapped in <span class="amp"> * Runs smarty pants (Which writes HTML entities so that you don't have to) * No more widows in your headlines * Extends the string class == USAGE:

          gem 'typogrify', '~> 0.0.1'

          gem install typogrify

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  1. 0.0.1 - August 11, 2007 (5.5 KB)

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