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  1. 9,019 downloads
    apktools (0.6.0) Library to assist reading resource data out of Android APKs
  2. 987 downloads
    apk_unpack (0.0.4) The APKUnpack tool is used to quickly decompile one or more APK applications essentially...
  3. 2,421 downloads
    Aplo (0.1) A Ruby wrapper for Apache log files.
  4. 3,911 downloads
    apminsight (1.0.1) ManageEngine Applications Manager APM Insight gives you end-to-end web-transaction awareness of R...
  5. 1,794 downloads
    apn (1.1.0) APN is a lightweight Apple Push Notification daemon for Ruby on Rails. APN runs as a daemon, work...
  6. 6,048 downloads
    apn_client (0.0.4) Uses the "enhanced format" Apple protocol and deals with errors and failures when broadcasting to...
  7. 24,301 downloads
    apnd (0.2.0) APND (Apple Push Notification Daemon) is a ruby library to send Apple Push Notifications ...
  8. 398 downloads
    apngasm (3.0.0) PLEASE USE THE "rapngasm" GEM. This is a dummy that just requires it.
  9. 278 downloads
    apngasm-gui (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  10. 3,154 downloads
    apnmachine (0.1.1) An APN server & library in which EventMachine daemons maintain a persistent connection to Apple s...
  11. 65,997 downloads
    apn_on_rails (0.5.1) APN on Rails is a Ruby on Rails gem that allows you to easily add Apple Push Notification (iPho...
  12. 81,575 downloads
    apns (1.0.0) Simple Apple push notification service gem
  13. 315 downloads
    apns-client (1.0.1) A Ruby client library for communicating with the APNS Proxy server.
  14. 2,322 downloads
    apns_dispatch (1.0.2) A simple Ruby framework for sending push notifications and receiving feedback using the Apple Pus...
  15. 39,891 downloads
    apn_sender (2.0.1) Background worker to send Apple Push Notifications over a persistent TCP socket. Includes Resque ...
  16. 9,019 downloads
    apnserver (0.2.2) A toolkit for proxying and sending Apple Push Notifications
  17. 151 downloads
    apns-key-convert (1.0.0) This script will take a P12 and CER file and generate a PEM file for use when sending notifications.
  18. 447 downloads
    apns-lookout (1.1.0) Simple Apple push notification service gem. It supports the 3rd wire format (command 2) with supp...
  19. 730 downloads
    apns-p (1.0.0.pre) A simple Apple push notification service gem with Passbook support. Send an empty payload on an A...
  20. 2,210 downloads
    apns_polite (0.9.1) apns
  21. 1,686 downloads
    apns-pressplane (0.9.10) Simple Apple push notification service gem
  22. 327 downloads
    apns-ruby (0.0.2) APNS notifications sent properly with correct connection management and error handling
  23. 1,307 downloads
    apocalypse-404 (0.0.2) 404/500, panic!
  24. 6,247 downloads
    apocalypse-client (0.0.5) Server monitoring made easy
  25. 2,277 downloads
    apod (0.1.3) A library to work with NASA's astronomy pictures of the day.
  26. 11,243 downloads
    apollo (1.3.0) A fork of workflow: a finite-state-machine-inspired API for modeling and interacting with what we...
  27. 494 downloads
    apollo-commerce (0.1.1) Apollo Commerce is the essential e-commerce solution for lean entrepreneurs building on Ruby on R...
  28. 57,387 downloads
    apollo-crawler (0.1.31) Gem for crawling data from external sources
  29. 502 downloads
    apollon (0.0.4) CLI for Apollo Fat Box
  30. 1,600 downloads
    apontador_oauth2 (0.1.5) Apontador Oauth2 is a helper for help requests to Api of Apontador