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  1. 4,480 downloads
    appcfg (0.2.0) A gem for centralizing different sources of application configuration data. Supports YAML files, ...
  2. 1,957 downloads
    app-cli (0.0.1) framework for creating CLI tool set
  3. 45,788 downloads
    app_conf (0.4.2) Simplest YAML Backed Application Wide Configuration (AppConfig)
  4. 5,199 downloads
    appconfig (0.1.1) Provides an OpenStruct/Hash-like syntax for accessing your app's configuration options, loaded fr...
  5. 45,379 downloads
    app_config (2.5.1) An easy to use, framework agnostic, customizable library to easily store and retrieve application...
  6. 5,564 downloads
    app-config (0.1.2) Flexible and simple configuration settings for your Rails/Sinatra applications.
  7. 1,671 downloads
    app_config_rails (0.0.3) Rails plugin for the AppConfig gem.
  8. 7,115 downloads
    app_configuration (0.0.2) A gem to handle ruby application configurations using both YAML config files or environmental var...
  9. 24,424 downloads
    app_constants (1.0.5) A clean and simple way to manage your application's per-environment constants
  10. 2,684 downloads
    appcrush (1.0.3) Gemified version of the original appcrush script written by Peter Boctor to run unzip and extract...
  11. 8,206 downloads
    app-ctx (0.1.6) For all applications (you are not a mouseclicker, are u?), once in a while you need to supply som...
  12. 12,512 downloads
    app-deploy (0.8.1) rake tasks for deployment
  13. 760 downloads
    app-deployer (0.0.3) Features a modular design allowing it to be extended for various frameworks. Includes recipes for...
  14. 7,734 downloads
    appdoc (0.1.3) Allows you to add documents and documentation to your app
  15. 806 downloads
    appdraft (0.0.1) Appdraft intends to provide the starting point for full stack web and HTML5 mobile Apps. Appdraft...
  16. 1,658 downloads
    app_driver (0.0.0) Implements the AppDriver and WindowDriver patterns for acceptance testing of GUI applications, pa...
  17. 38,663 downloads
    app_drone (0.12.1) Give your Rails apps a kickstart
  18. 270 downloads
    app_earnings (1.0.0) Allows easy calculation of revenue sharing by app and in-app purchases. Munges the monthly CSV r...
  19. 341 downloads
    append_to_line (1.0.0) This library is called append_to_line
  20. 77,363 downloads
    appengine-apis (0.0.35) This gem includes the JRuby API wrappers for App Engine, as well as the required jar files from G...
  21. 18,077 downloads
    appengine-jruby-jars (0.0.7) This gem includes the core JRuby code and the JRuby 1.8 stdlib as jar files, packaged specificall...
  22. 5,527 downloads
    appengine-mapreduce (0.0.4) Create Map Tasks with JRuby.
  23. 10,866 downloads
    appengine-paginator (0.2.2) Pagination on JRuby running on the Google AppEngine
  24. 43,880 downloads
    appengine-rack (0.0.13) Commom dependencies for configuring an App Engine application via Rack.
  25. 57,787 downloads
    appengine-sdk ( Google App Engine SDK for Java.
  26. 47,318 downloads
    appengine-tools (0.0.17) Tools and SDK for developing Ruby applications for Google App Engine. Includes a local developmen...
  27. 14,364 downloads
    appengine-utils (0.1.8) some helper and util stuff for the jruby wrapper for the google app engine to make life easy
  28. 4,164 downloads
    appenv (1.0.0) Environment-variable compatible application configuration.
  29. 1,227 downloads
    app_env (0.0.1) Write env files from Ruby.
  30. 5,215 downloads
    appetizer (0.2.0) A lightweight init process for Rack apps.