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  1. 4,758 downloads
    ara (0.0.3) Ara is a tiny class that’s allow you to use actors in Ruby
  2. 881 downloads
    arabic-letter-connector (0.1.1) A tool to replace generic disconnected Arabic letters with their connected counterparts.
  3. 2,356 downloads
    Arabic-Prawn (0.0.1) Allows printing arabic to PDFs generated by prawn
  4. 36,241 downloads
    arachni (0.4.7) Arachni is an Open Source, feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards h...
  5. 12,634 downloads
    arachnid (0.4.1) Arachnid is a web crawler that relies on Bloom Filters to efficiently store visited urls and Typh...
  6. 253 downloads
    arachni-reactor (0.1.0.beta1) Arachni::Reactor is a simple, lightweight, pure-Ruby implementation of the Reactor patter...
  7. 25,562 downloads
    arachni-rpc (0.1.3) Arachni-RPC is a simple and lightweight Remote Procedure Call protocol used to pr...
  8. 22,468 downloads
    arachni-rpc-em (0.2) EventMachine-based client and server implementation of Arachni-RPC supporting TLS...
  9. 4,131 downloads
    arachni-rpc-pure (0.1.2) Pure Ruby client implementation of the Arachni-RPC protocol.
  10. 14,006 downloads
    arachni-typhoeus ( Original @
  11. 2,218 downloads
    ar_after_timestamps (0.2.0) Gem that plugs into Ruby on Rails that gives you a way to add a callback to the ActiveRecord call...
  12. 57,907 downloads
    ar_after_transaction (0.4.0) Execute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back
  13. 4,735 downloads
    arake (0.0.2) Run rake automatically whenever any dependent is updated.
  14. 4,275 downloads
    arangodb-odm (0.3.1) Ruby client for ArangoDB
  15. 2,575 downloads
    arara (0.0.2) Wrapper para a API do Verdade ou Consequência
  16. 9,617 downloads
    ar-async-counter-cache (0.1.2) Increment ActiveRecord's counter cache column asynchronously using Resque (and resque-lock-timeout).
  17. 1,682 downloads
    aratak_date_validator (0.6.1) A simple, ORM agnostic, Ruby 1.9 compatible date validator for Rails 3, based on ActiveModel. Cur...
  18. 1,869 downloads
    aratak-routing-filter (0.2.4) Routing filters wraps around the complex beast that the Rails routing system is, allowing for uns...
  19. 1,706 downloads
    ar_attribute_serializer (0.0.0) Attribute serializer for AR models
  20. 2,191 downloads
    ar_attr_lazy (0.1.0) A little gem for Rails that provides the ability to specify attributes that will not be loaded wh...
  21. 8,304 downloads
    ar-audit-tracer (2.0.0) Handles ActiveRecord authors in the same way as timstamps.
  22. 823 downloads
    aravindgem (0.0.0) A simple hello world gem
  23. 1,625 downloads
    arbdrone (0.0.1) Ruby library for controlling the AR.Drone
  24. 21,073 downloads
    arbi ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  25. 2,305 downloads
    ar_binary_flag_attributes (0.0.1) Add binary flag attributes to AR model using one DB field.
  26. 1,628 downloads
    arbiter (1.0.1) A simple eventing framework
  27. 2,078 downloads
    arbitrary_mock (0.1.2) Basic series of objects designed to allow you to arbitrarily assign and access properties, for us...
  28. 1,738 downloads
    ar_book_finder (1.1.1) Access book data on ARBookFinder
  29. 4,057 downloads
    arbor-atlas (0.1.2) The ATLAS portal today is a public resource that delivers a sub-set of the intelligence derived f...
  30. 24,061 downloads
    arboreal (0.2.1) Arboreal is yet another extension to ActiveRecord to support tree-shaped data structures. Intern...