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  1. 8,347 downloads
    appsignal-mongo (0.1.10) Wrap all mongo queries withActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls. For use with Appsignal.
  2. 4,058 downloads
    appsignal-moped (1.0.5) Log your moped queries with ActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls
  3. 2,609 downloads
    appsignal-redis (1.0.2) Add instrument calls to redis.For use with Appsignal.
  4. 5,758 downloads
    appsignal-tire (1.0.3) Wrap all Tire queries withActiveSupport::Notifications.instrument calls.For use with Appsignal.
  5. 354 downloads
    app_signer (0.0.1) Sign an iOS .app package with a given provisioning profile.
  6. 351 downloads
    app_sleuth (0.0.1.pre) Generates color, font, image information about your project
  7. 4,319 downloads
    appsta (1.1.0) Appsta is designed to make bootstrapping new Rails applications much easier.
  8. 13,657 downloads
    app_stack (1.6.2) Merge app source code in a stack to increase module reusability
  9. 149,774 downloads
    appstats (0.25.1) Provide usage statistics about how your application is being used
  10. 4,066 downloads
    app_status (1.2.0) AppStatus provides a URL which is easily consumable by Nagios or other monitoring tools.
  11. 10,437 downloads
    app_store (0.1.2) AppStore allows you to fetch informations about applications (title, description, size, reviews, ...
  12. 11,225 downloads
    app-store-emigrant (0.0.9) App Store Emigrant will manually attempt to verify whether any of your local mobile applications ...
  13. 15,413 downloads
    app_store_pricing_matrix (2.1.0) A simple module that holds currencies and prices from the Apple's iOS App Store.
  14. 1,706 downloads
    appstorm_concatenator (0.0.1) Simply concatenates two iPhone screenshots into a single 620px wide image.
  15. 2,153 downloads
    appswarm (0.0.1) AppSwarm is/will be an application framework for developing distributed applications across a p2p...
  16. 2,366 downloads
    apptamers-bootstrap (1.0.3) Apptamers Bootstrap is a basic design for SaaS application created by Apptamers
  17. 2,667 downloads
    apptap (0.0.2) AppTap makes it easy to manage service dependencies for your apps. It uses an app-local installat...
  18. 5,437 downloads
    app-tester ( Command-line Framework to run functional tests against a web application (API, Website, etc)
  19. 7,793 downloads
    app-themer (0.4.6) App Themer is a rails generator inspired by web-app-theme that allows you to quickly generate a c...
  20. 756 downloads
    appthwack (0.1) API client for Appthwack
  21. 332 downloads
    AppTower-ubistrano (1.2.1) Provision and deploy to an Ubuntu/God/Apache/Passenger stack using Capistrano
  22. 1,688 downloads
    appurify (0.5.2) API client for Appurify
  23. 10,064 downloads
    appush_client (0.6) Ruby client library for Appush PUSH service.
  24. 2,895 downloads
    app_version (0.1.7) App Version Gem originally App Version Rails Plugin from, u...
  25. 5,659 downloads
    app-version-git (0.0.4) Show version number based on git commit counts and enable to show change log from commit messages
  26. 1,491 downloads
    appyantra_admin (0.0.1) Rails 3 engine for managing an app's assets, users, pages, blog, SEO and Social Media Integration
  27. 13,042 downloads
    appygram (1.0.5) Discovers topics and sends messages
  28. 12,453 downloads
    appygram-rails (1.0.6) appygram-rails sends uncaught Rails exceptions as traces to the hosted messaging service at http:...
  29. 4,283 downloads
    app-yml-rails (0.1.2) An awesome app.yml gem for Rails. Supports App.settings.nested_setting syntax, all/production/sta...
  30. 1,439 downloads
    apricot (0.0.2) A compiler for a Clojure-like programming language on the Rubinius VM