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  1. 1,306 downloads
    aspelllint (0.9) See for example usage
  2. 5,679 downloads
    aspen (0.2.6) Sets up a directory tree for coding projects based on customizable templates
  3. 894 downloads
    aspgems-foreign_key_migrations (2.0.0.beta2) Automatic Foreign Key automatically generates foreign-key constraints when creating tables or add...
  4. 1,325 downloads
    aspgems-redhillonrails_core (2.0.0.beta3) Adds support in ActiveRecord for foreign_keys, complex indexes and other database-related stuff. ...
  5. 1,009 downloads
    asphalt (0.0.2) Asphalt paves the way for your Sass stylesheets!
  6. 3,622 downloads
    aspirin (0.0.1) evhttp wrapper and Rack interface
  7. 1,950 downloads
    aspmarketplace (0.1.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  8. 3,851 downloads
    asp_marketplace (0.2.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  9. 2,033 downloads
    asp-marketplace (0.1.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  10. 688 downloads
    asposecloudsdk (0.0.1) Aspose Cloud SDK for Ruby allows you to use Aspose API in your Ruby applications
  11. 53,292 downloads
    asproject (0.1.118) AsProject is a templating system for creating new projects and new classes (or files) within thos...
  12. 2,453 downloads
    aspsms (0.98) SMS gateway library and client
  13. 12,381 downloads
    asrake (0.14.1) A Rake-based library for quickly and easily creating build scripts for Actionscript 3, Flex, and ...
  14. 1,190 downloads
    as_readonly (1.0.0) Safely expose collections as readonly objects
  15. 9,299 downloads
    ass (0.0.25) Apple Service Server written with Sinatra and Sequel(Sqlite3)
  16. 2,089 downloads
    ASS (0.1.0) Asynchronous Service Stages for Distributed Services
  17. 5,671 downloads
    assay (0.4.1) Assay defines assertions in the same way that Ruby defines exceptions. Each type of asserition, c...
  18. 2,127 downloads
    assaydepot (0.0.2) This is the first version of Assay Depot's Ruby SDK. It provides read access to Services and Vend...
  19. 1,375 downloads
    assay-minitest (0.1.0) Assay MiniTest defines a set of MiniTest-compatible assertion and extension method which seemless...
  20. 1,386 downloads
    assay-testunit (0.1.0) Assay TestUnit defines a set of TestUnit-compatible assertion methods which depend on Assay's ass...
  21. 5,486 downloads
    assembla (1.0.0) This gem provides access to assembla tickets. It supports listing, creating and modyfing function...
  22. 2,029 downloads
    assemblabla (0.1.3) (Threadsafe) Ruby Client for the Assembla REST API
  23. 2,707 downloads
    assembla_cli (0.0.2) A CLI to use Assembla for easy usage
  24. 1,178 downloads
    assembler (1.1.0) Provides a DSL for describing required and optional (with defaults) parameters for object initial...
  25. 78 downloads
    assembly (0.0.1) Assembles Models with valid attributes
  26. 5,741 downloads
    assembly_line (0.2.1) Assembly Line allows you to group together a series of rspec `let` statements which can later be ...
  27. 263 downloads
    assemblyline-cli (0.0.1) A wrapper to start services when running assemblyline tests
  28. 248 downloads
    assemblyline-formatter (0.0.1) Rspec Formatter for Assemblyline
  29. 908 downloads
    assembly-objectfile (1.6.4) Get exif data, file sizes and more.
  30. 4,219 downloads
    assembly_pipe (0.2.0) A sketch that may not see the light of day assembly pipeline and report generation