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  1. 151 downloads
    argumentative (0.0.1beta) Flexible argument processing in a readable, declarative style!
  2. 2,445 downloads
    arguments (0.6) You don't have to wait until Ruby 2.0 to get (named|keyword) arguments support. Arguments has bee...
  3. 2,596 downloads
    argus (0.4.0) Argus is a Ruby interface to a Parrot AR Drone quadcopter.Argus is extremely experimental at this...
  4. 1,338 downloads
    arguvia (0.1.1) This script allows applications to parse and use command-line arguments in a function-like fashio...
  5. 2,037 downloads
    argv (2.2.1) ARGV object extension for parsing flags, inputs, so you can have easy hash objects that contain ...
  6. 3,156 downloads
    ArgvParser (1.1.0) A basic parser for command line arguments.
  7. 1,971 downloads
    arh (0.1.0) Automatic Remote Hands (!) is a command executer class.Based on Open4, allows you to execute comm...
  8. 23,939 downloads
    ar_http_wrapper (0.2.6) Small wrapper (using httparty, etc.) to provide an interface that mimicks AR main methods using a...
  9. 1,436 downloads
    ari (0.2.1) Inspects and navigate through Activerecord data via relations defined in models
  10. 539 downloads
    aria2-ruby (0.0.1) A gem to interact with Aria2 in Ruby.
  11. 4,103 downloads
    ariadna (1.1.1) Google Analytics A.P.I. V3 wrapper with oauth2
  12. 17,203 downloads
    ariane (0.0.3) Ariane is a flexible breadcrumb system for Rails. It is fully compatible with the Twitter Bootstr...
  13. 915 downloads
    aria_sdk (0.2.2) A set of objects to help connect with the Aria Systems REST and SOAP Core, Object Query, and Admi...
  14. 361 downloads
    arid (0.0.1) A simple hello world gem
  15. 56,941 downloads
    arid_cache (1.4.4) AridCache makes caching easy and effective. AridCache supports caching on all your model named s...
  16. 301 downloads
    ariejan-acts_as_gold (1.0.5) acts_as_gold allows you to extend a model with money in the form of Gold, Silver and Copper, as s...
  17. 207 downloads
    ariejan-valerii (1.1.0) Convert integers to short strings and vice versa.
  18. 214 downloads
    ariejan-warcraft_armory (1.0.1) Retrieve character information from the World of Warcraft Armory
  19. 4,223 downloads
    ariel (0.1.0) Ariel uses machine learning to assist in extracting information from semi-structured documents i...
  20. 1,789 downloads
    arielvalentin-paperclip (2.3.6) Easy upload management for ActiveRecord
  21. 2,072 downloads
    ariete (0.1.0) Ariete STDOUT & STDERR Capture Module ======================================= ## Introduction A...
  22. 7,024 downloads
    ari_fetch (0.0.10) ARI
  23. 4,919 downloads
    arigato (0.1.5) Generate HTML or JSON, YAML, CSV from your Gemfile
  24. 1,672 downloads
    arigato_rails (0.1.2) Provides special thanks page generated from your Gemfile.
  25. 2,302 downloads
    ari_gem (0.0.3) Simple hello world gem
  26. 216 downloads
    arika-ruby-termios (0.9.6) Termios module is simple wrapper of termios(3). It can be included into IO-family classes and ca...
  27. 412 downloads
    arikui1911-hatenadiary (0.0.3) A client for Hatena Diary to post and delete blog entries.
  28. 101 downloads
    arikui1911-tinytest (0.0.2) TinyTest rips off minitest-1.3.1. It is a simple testing library.
  29. 329 downloads
    ar_inception (0.1.0) Extension to ActiveRecord 3.x to provide parallel transaction scopes.
  30. 1,032 downloads
    ar_indexer (0.1.4) Allows for reverse indexing selected ActiveRecord models. Handles searching and return of objects