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  1. 22,097 downloads
    arbi ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  2. 2,471 downloads
    ar_binary_flag_attributes (0.0.1) Add binary flag attributes to AR model using one DB field.
  3. 1,838 downloads
    arbiter (1.0.1) A simple eventing framework
  4. 2,474 downloads
    arbitrary_mock (0.1.2) Basic series of objects designed to allow you to arbitrarily assign and access properties, for us...
  5. 2,012 downloads
    ar_book_finder (1.1.1) Access book data on ARBookFinder
  6. 403 downloads
    arbor (0.0.4) Interface for the Arbor Education REST API.
  7. 4,310 downloads
    arbor-atlas (0.1.2) The ATLAS portal today is a public resource that delivers a sub-set of the intelligence derived f...
  8. 25,309 downloads
    arboreal (0.2.1) Arboreal is yet another extension to ActiveRecord to support tree-shaped data structures. Intern...
  9. 4,917 downloads
    arbor-rails (0.0.4) This gem provides Arbor.js for your Rails 3 application.
  10. 1,007,242 downloads
    arbre (1.0.2) An Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby
  11. 2,255 downloads
    arbre2 (2.2.4) An Object Oriented DOM Tree in Ruby
  12. 8,378 downloads
    arbs (0.2.0) A duck that acts like ActiveRecord::Base, but doesn't have any of the AR::B functionality.
  13. 12,447 downloads
    arc ( Compatible with mysql, sqlite, and postgres
  14. 5,587 downloads
    arcade (0.3.0) Arcade is a simple Ruby-vased DSL for creating old-school arcade games like Pong. The philosophy...
  15. 1,495 downloads
    arcadex (1.2.3) If you've recently created an API you may have felt frustrated at the removal of Devise's token a...
  16. 60,695 downloads
    arcadia (0.13.1) Arcadia Ide
  17. 7,049 downloads
    arcane (1.1.1) Parameter filter done OO, extending strong parameters.
  18. 157 downloads
    arcgis (0.0.15) A simple wrapper for ArcGIS Online sharing API
  19. 443 downloads
    archdown (0.4.1) download library with command-line tool
  20. 1,589 downloads
    ar_checked_migration (4.0) Determine whether or not ActiveRecord migrations are considered safe to ...
  21. 1,467 downloads
    archer (0.0.2) plays archer sounds
  22. 214 downloads
    archerfinley-google4r-checkout-1.0.5 (1.0.5) This gem aids in integrating the Google Checkout API with your existing rails site
  23. 2,725 downloads
    archerplume ( ArcherPlume Blog FrameWork is a gem in which users can install and after installing , can copy th...
  24. 5,239 downloads
    archetype (1.0.0.alpha.4) Archetype is a Compass/Sass based framework for authoring configurable, composable UI co...
  25. 449 downloads
    archetype-base (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension for defining the base of your page
  26. 464 downloads
    archetype-base-h5bp (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into using HTML5 Boilerplate's CSS reset
  27. 448 downloads
    archetype-base-hybrid (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into Normalize.css, HTML5 Boilerplate, and a tradition...
  28. 461 downloads
    archetype-base-normalize (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into using Normalize.css' CSS reset
  29. 458 downloads
    archetype-base-reset (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension that provides hooks into Eric Meyer's CSS reset
  30. 392 downloads
    archetype-grid (1.0.0.alpha.4) An Archetype extension for complex, fixed-width grid based layouts