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  1. 20,235 downloads
    ar-enums (2.0.1) Provides a simple way for defining enumerations in ActiveRecord models
  2. 800 downloads
    ares (0.0.1.pre) Just registering the name for now.
  3. 1,349 downloads
    ares_cz (0.3.2) Simple library for querying Ares system in Czech republic with translation of labels.
  4. 4,168 downloads
    ares-ext (0.0.5) Make activeresource models compatible with will_paginate and searchlogic helpers, and add a schem...
  5. 3,039 downloads
    ares-focus-extensions (0.0.3) Add-ons including API Key, remove format extensions (.json, .xml) for requests, and configuration...
  6. 2,630 downloads
    arethusa-cli (0.1.3) Command line tools for Arethusa
  7. 233 downloads
    arethusa_plugin_generator (0.0.1) Generates a skeleton for an Arethusa plugin
  8. 5,809 downloads
    are_we_there_yet (1.0.0) Provides detailed profiling data for RSpec runs in a SQLite3 DB
  9. 103,484 downloads
    ar-extensions (0.9.5) Extends ActiveRecord functionality by adding better finder/query support, as well as supporting m...
  10. 3,120 downloads
    are_you_sure (0.2.5) This plug-in inserts a confirmation page before creation or updating action.
  11. 2,228 downloads
    ar_finder_form (0.1.0) ar_finder_form provides a DSL to define form for options to find/paginate
  12. 379 downloads
    ar-find-in-batches-with-order (0.0.1) Allow find_in_batches with custom order property
  13. 9,635 downloads
    ar_fixtures (0.0.4) Creates test fixtures from data in the database.
  14. 174 downloads
    arfl-redgreen (0.1.5) This gem is a fork from kule-redgreen. Go and check it out, then needed at
  15. 9,457 downloads
    arfy (0.2.1) Arfy is just a snippet: some rake tasks and environment configuration to allow you use Rails migr...
  16. 2,778 downloads
    arg0 (0.0.3) It's just here to handle arguments provided to Application. Mainly optional via switches. Current...
  17. 281 downloads
    arg-dolarblue-btc (0.1.1) A simple gem that show you the Dolar Blue and BTC price. The BTC price is from Bitstamp.
  18. 1,294 downloads
    argentine_holidays (0.3) A library to fetch argentine holidays from the official source
  19. 4,226 downloads
    argh (0.1.0) Easy command-line argument building in Ruby
  20. 4,185 downloads
    argible (0.1.1) automatically resolves method argument values
  21. 540 downloads
    arginine (0.0.5) Arginine parses command-line arguments and options, depending only on optparse
  22. 3,876 downloads
    argonaut (0.0.2) JSON Builder
  23. 487 downloads
    argos (1.0) A slim command-line parser that does one thing well: turn an array of arguments into a hash of re...
  24. 341 downloads
    argosnap (0.0.2) A ruby script displays OSX notifications with current ballance. If the balance of picodollars fal...
  25. 4,229 downloads
    argos-ruby ( Argos ( webservice client and Argos legacy file (DS/DAT and DIAG/DIA...
  26. 502 downloads
    arg-parser (0.2.1) ArgParser is a simple, yet powerful command-line argument parser, with support fo...
  27. 836 downloads
    args (0.0.0) Argument parsing for ruby
  28. 6,633 downloads
    argser (1.7) Argser (from 'ARGuments parSER') is a library that aims to simplify the process of parsing argume...
  29. 6,305 downloads
    args-handler (0.0.2) A small library to generate HTML for wished arguments form hashes.
  30. 25,767 downloads
    args_parser (0.2.0) Parse/Filter/Validate ARGV from command line with DSL.