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  1. 2,062 downloads
    assets (0.0.1) Assets is a simple gem that provides an ActiveRecord model that handles attachments via paperclip...
  2. 1,929 downloads
    asset_s3 (0.1.0) Rails 3 libary that uploads all static assets to amazon s3
  3. 19,021 downloads
    assets_booster (0.0.13) Instead of sending down a dozen JavaScript and CSS files full of formatting and comments, this ge...
  4. 6,235 downloads
    assets-compiler (0.3) Can be used to compile any static assets (etc minify javascript)
  5. 880 downloads
    assets_helper (0.0.3) assets helper is the helper that use to include css and javascript by controller name automatically
  6. 927 downloads
    assets_include (2.0.0) Include assets in your views with a single line of code.
  7. 3,228 downloads
    assetsio (0.0.2) Use to deliver your Javascript and CSS assets from the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  8. 3,200 downloads
    assetsio-rails (0.0.3) Use to deliver your Javascript and CSS assets from the Amazon Cloudfront CDN.
  9. 2,969 downloads
    assets_js (0.1.1) Provides rails asset helpers to your client side javascript
  10. 361 downloads
    assets-libraries (1.0.1) Assets libraries.
  11. 7,736 downloads
    assets_offline (0.0.5) Rails 3.1 offline cache manifest view
  12. 10,094 downloads
    assets_on_heroku (0.0.5) Assets On Heroku - CSS, JavaScript, Sass. Works with Rails, Merb and Rack apps
  13. 4,879 downloads
    assets_packager (0.0.2) Compress and merge your JavaScript and CSS files
  14. 16,019 downloads
    assets_precompile_enforcer (1.1.0) Raises an exception if assets are missing from config.assets.precompile during development
  15. 680 downloads
    assets_server (0.0.1) compiles and serves static assets
  16. 504 downloads
    assets-squasher (0.0.3) It takes an HTML file, traverses over its scripts and stylesheets and minify them all into one fi...
  17. 1,635 downloads
    asset_stub (1.0) This script generates an asset stub using the same directory structure and conventions that is us...
  18. 3,097 downloads
    asset_sweeper (0.2.0) This gem is for cleaning up rails application by removing unused images, listing unused styleshee...
  19. 428 downloads
    asset_symlink (0.1.0) easily make assets available under a consistent public name
  20. 717,603 downloads
    asset_sync (1.0.0) After you run assets:precompile your compiled assets will be synchronised with your S3 bucket.
  21. 1,991 downloads
    asset_tags (0.1.0) This is a ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper module extension that adds support for some additio...
  22. 1,976 downloads
    asset_tasks (0.0.2) Rake tasks for asset packaging with Barista, Compass and Jammit
  23. 37,738 downloads
    assette (0.1.8) Renders all asset types (coffeescript/sass/scss) as equals
  24. 4,323 downloads
    asset_timestamps_cache (0.1.1) Adapted from asset timestamping functionality in ActionPack.
  25. 4,056 downloads
    asset-trip (0.1.1) Asset Trip bundles JavaScript and CSS files at deploy time. The assets are then served from a Git...
  26. 2,590 downloads
    asset_uploader (0.0.3) Support uploading of checksummed assets to S3
  27. 3,805 downloads
    asset_watcher (0.1.0) watch and auto-compile .coffee and .haml files. Need node.js and coffee-script to compile .coffee...
  28. 1,663 downloads
    assh (0.0.2) ssh productivity tools for Amazon EC2
  29. 1,253 downloads
    asshert (0.0.2) SSHKit based assertions
  30. 23,972 downloads
    assignable_values (0.11.1) Restrict the values assignable to ActiveRecord attributes or associations. Or enums on steroids.