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  1. 10,256 downloads
    atpay_buttons (2.0.0) Atpay button generator
  2. 7,891 downloads
    atpay_tokens (4.0.0) Client interface for the @Pay API, key generation for performance optimization
  3. 136 downloads
    atr (0.0.1) Pub sub and websockets
  4. 3,654 downloads
    at-random (1.1.1) Pick a random time subject to some constraints, and fork `at` with the remaining args.
  5. 5,979 downloads
    atreides (2.0.5) Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle
  6. 639 downloads
    ATrigger (0.0.1) See for more info
  7. 3,575 downloads
    atrium (0.1.1) Atrium extends Blacklight-enabled applications by providing a means of generating custom...
  8. 16,093 downloads
    attachable (0.0.5) Add methods to automatically manage a file as part of a Rails model
  9. 9,895 downloads
    attacheable (1.4) Fork of attachment_fu. It differs in following ways: 1. Can work with merb uploads 2. can cre...
  10. 93,773 downloads
    attached (1.0.5) Attached is a Ruby on Rails cloud attachment and processor library inspired by Paperclip. Attache...
  11. 27,634 downloads
    attachinary (1.3.0) Attachments handler for Rails that uses Cloudinary for storage.
  12. 12,179 downloads
    attachment_magic (0.2.1) A Rails 3 Gem based on attachment_fu, but without the image processing fudge and multiple backend...
  13. 23,516 downloads
    attachment_magick (0.3.6) little more magick when you upload image files (with SwfUpload and Dragonfly)
  14. 360,303 downloads
    attachment_on_the_fly (0.1.3) A Paperclip mix-in to allow auto-generation of resized images
  15. 27,268 downloads
    attachments (0.0.14) It's original intention is as a helper class class for filtering email attachments before forward...
  16. 4,065 downloads
    attachment-san (0.0.2) Rails plugin for easy and rich attachment manipulation.
  17. 1,908 downloads
    attachment_saver (1.0.1) This plugin implements attachment storage and processing, integrated with ActiveRecord models and...
  18. 2,069 downloads
    attachmerb_fu (0.0.1) Merb plugin that provides a port of attachment_fu to merb
  19. 7,685 downloads
    attachr (0.1.7) Gem for using the paste service.
  20. 2,166 downloads
    attachs (0.3.5) Minimalistic toolkit to attach file and images to records.
  21. 634 downloads
    attack (1.0.0) This gem provides a nice way to attack, attack events. Rails ready.
  22. 15,275 downloads
    attempt (0.2.0) The attempt library provides a thin wrapper for the typical begin/rescue/sleep/retry ...
  23. 3,064 downloads
    attempt_this (1.0.1) Retry policy mix-in with configurable number of attempts, delays, exception filters, and fall bac...
  24. 1,356 downloads
    attempt_to (0.4.1) AttemptTo calls a code block and re-tries it if it throws an exception. Otherwise exits
  25. 399 downloads
    attender (0.0.3) Orchestration tool for server provisioning with Capistrano, running on Consul networks
  26. 3,665 downloads
    attest (0.2.0) Attest allows you to define spec-like tests inline (within the same file as your actual code) whi...
  27. 2,114 downloads
    at-the-movies (0.1.0) Scraper for
  28. 13,256 downloads
    attic (0.5.3) A place to hide private instance variables in your Ruby objects.
  29. 5,688 downloads
    attic-cleanup (0.0.5) attic-cleanup is a gem to easily store your files when you need to get them out of the way.
  30. 7,270 downloads
    attic-path (0.0.5) Attic Path is a gem that gives you more options for gets.chomp. With Attic Path you can browse yo...