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  1. 3,782 downloads
    auto_tagging (1.1.2) A ruby wrapper library for all current top tags/keywords/terms extraction services , this version...
  2. 1,935 downloads
    autotask (0.1.1) Runs any shell command or rake task when specified files are updated. Requires the stakeout comma...
  3. 3,421 downloads
    autotaskcrm (0.1.3) Commonly needed AutoTask functionality for Ruby projects.
  4. 2,034 downloads
    auto-terminal (0.0.1) Use Auto from the command line
  5. 556,658 downloads
    autotest (4.4.6) This is a stub gem to fix the confusion caused by autotest being part of the ZenTest suite.
  6. 77,184 downloads
    auto_test (1.0) Automatic Testing Tool
  7. 1,385 downloads
    autotest-aniki (0.1.0) autotest with voice
  8. 2,453 downloads
    autotest-clear (1.1.0) Clears the terminal for every autotest run. Inspired from autotest-growl[
  9. 3,539 downloads
    autotest-cucumber-notification (0.0.6) This is an autotest plugin that will notify you about the results of your Cucumber features run.
  10. 1,884 downloads
    autotest-doom (0.0.1) autotest plugin for showing bloody Doom grunt when specs are failing
  11. 1,208 downloads
    autotest-emacs (1.0.0) Makes UI portion of Ryan Davis' autotest.el work. Once upon a time included with ZenTest (4.0.0 a...
  12. 575 downloads
    autotest-exit (1.0.0) Plugin to make autotest exit after all_good hook. Sometimes I want to just check all my tests, b...
  13. 9,356 downloads
    autotestforphp (0.0.3) AutotestForPHP is based off of ZenTest autotest which is a popular Ruby tool for running tests as...
  14. 158,069 downloads
    autotest-fsevent (0.2.9) Autotest relies on filesystem polling to detect modifications in source code files. This is expen...
  15. 2,018 downloads
    autotest-gem (0.1.2) autotest plugin to discover tests in gems
  16. 1,483 downloads
    autotest-git (0.0.1) autotest-git
  17. 277,268 downloads
    autotest-growl (0.2.16) This gem aims to improve support for Growl notifications by autotest.
  18. 12,882 downloads
    autotest-images (0.0.7) Incomplete and abandoned
  19. 14,740 downloads
    autotest-inotify (0.0.6) Autotest relies on filesystem polling to detect modifications in source code files. This is expen...
  20. 3,790 downloads
    autotest-java (0.0.2) run java tests with autotest
  21. 7,528 downloads
    autotest-mac (0.1.3) Deprecated, use autotest-fsevent and autotest-growl instead.
  22. 57,596 downloads
    autotest-notification (2.3.4) This gem set the autotest (ZenTest) to send messages to software as Growl, LibNotify, and Snarl, ...
  23. 2,024 downloads
    autotest-notifyosd (0.0.3) Provides autotest notifications for Ubuntu's NotifyOSD
  24. 3,890 downloads
    autotest-notify-osd (0.2.0) This gem has been deprecated and replaced by autotest-growl
  25. 363,074 downloads
    autotest-rails (4.2.1) This is an autotest plugin to provide rails support. It provides basic rails support and extra pl...
  26. 491 downloads
    autotest-rails-fix (0.0.0) autotest supporting model tests
  27. 100,647 downloads
    autotest-rails-pure (4.1.2) Autotest for Test::Unit on Rails, including plugins for migrations and fixtures.
  28. 1,982 downloads
    autotest-run_dependencies (0.1.0) This gem provides a mechanism through which it is possible to specify that an arbitrary number o...
  29. 9,366 downloads
    autotest_screen (4.0.3) Autotest::Screen shows autotest/autospec progress on GNU Screen's status line.
  30. 2,595 downloads
    autotest-screen ( Update Gnu Screen caption with autotest results. Specifically, when autotest is run...