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  1. 2,107 downloads
    async_io (0.0.5) Perform asyncrhonous IO for ruby using blocks and threads just pure old ruby code.
  2. 1,763 downloads
    async_job (0.0.1) Simple asynchronous jobs for Rails
  3. 1,861 downloads
    asyncjs-rails (0.0.3) async-rails project integrates Async JS for Rails 3/4 Asset Pipeline
  4. 1,067 downloads
    async_logger (0.0.20140328.18.44.07) Super simple asynchronous logger for Ruby
  5. 354 downloads
    async-messaging (0.0.1) User Messaging Async calls, compatible with Mongoid (Ruby on Rails) gem
  6. 7,784 downloads
    async_methods (1.0.3) Gem that adds asynchronous method calls for all methods on every object to aid in throughput on I...
  7. 2,236 downloads
    async_observer (0.1.0) Async Observer is a Rails plugin that provides deep integration with Beanstalk.
  8. 4,139 downloads
    asyncomni (1.0.0) Asyncomni is an engine, which can be used with a rails application for omniture integration.
  9. 9,686 downloads
    async_partial (0.0.6) Async Partial is a helper to insert partials in Rails3 views with Ajax using jQuery. You can even...
  10. 6,173 downloads
    async-proxy (0.1.1) turn any object into an async version of itself, so that all method calls will run asynchronously...
  11. 189,707 downloads
    async-rack (0.5.1) Makes middleware that ships with Rack bullet-proof for async responses.
  12. 6,137 downloads
    async_rack_test (0.0.5) Extends rack-test to make working with EventMachine easier.
  13. 10,568 downloads
    async-rails (0.9.0) Rails asset pipeline wrapper for async.js
  14. 4,091 downloads
    async_record (0.0.2) Asynchronous ORM for Ruby
  15. 2,993 downloads
    async_service (0.1.5) The gem provides an abstraction for asynchronous workers that poll data from a queue and do work
  16. 145,896 downloads
    async_sinatra (1.1.0) A Sinatra plugin to provide convenience whilst performing asynchronous responses inside of the Si...
  17. 835 downloads
    asynctasks (0.0.1) A client to AsyncTasks API, create events and execute asynchronous tasks
  18. 7,976 downloads
    at (0.2.0) Make instance variables accessible for testing purposes.
  19. 495 downloads
    atabodi (0.0.2) bot api client
  20. 497 downloads
    atage (0.0.1) A simple C function gem
  21. 964 downloads
    atalanda-signature (1.0.3) Gem for signing atalogics api calls
  22. 370 downloads
    ataru (0.1.0) A documentation testing tool, for documentation in Markdown files, for Ruby code
  23. 1,244 downloads
    ataulfo (1.0.0) Pattern Matching for Ruby (objects only)
  24. 4,245 downloads
    atco (0.0.2) Simple and opinionated library for parsing ATCO-CIF files with Ruby.
  25. 2,418 downloads
    atc-tools (1.0.3) A VATSIM flight plan validator for the VRC radar client. NOTE: Only works with 32-bit Ruby inst...
  26. 3,349 downloads
    atd-ancestry (1.3.0) Ancestry allows the records of a ActiveRecord model to be organised in a tree structure, using a ...
  27. 5,917 downloads
    atd-asset_bundler (0.0.3) A Rails Engine that allows you to put assets in app/assets and use a Rails tem...
  28. 395 downloads
    atd-attachment_fu (1.0.20081202) Gemified technoweenie attachment_fu plugin
  29. 983 downloads
    atd-calendar_date_select (1.15) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  30. 3,418 downloads
    atdis (0.3.8) A ruby interface to the application tracking data interchange specification (ATDIS) API