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  1. 2,099 downloads
    atnd4r (0.0.6) ATND の API を Ruby から使用するたのラッパークラスです
  2. 1,510 downloads
    atndr (0.0.2) A Ruby wapper for ATND API. It is very easy to use.
  3. 1,825 downloads
    atok-twitter (0.1.0-x86-mswin32) Twitter client on ATOK.
  4. 9,823 downloads
    atom (0.3) Ruby library for working with the Atom syndication format
  5. 663 downloads
    atom_attr_accessor (0.1.1) Defines accessor methods for instance variables using clojure's atoms, for thread safety
  6. 2,983 downloads
    atom-doc (0.1.4) Command line tool for generating text-based documentation
  7. 6,532,204 downloads
    atomic (1.1.16) An atomic reference implementation for JRuby, Rubinius, and MRI
  8. 341 downloads
    atomic_arrays (1.1.0) AtomicArrays is a lightweight gem that aims to assist ActiveRecord with...
  9. 641 downloads
    atomic_hamster (1.0.0) Because naming things is sometimes funny.
  10. 4,693 downloads
    atomic_mem_cache_store (0.1.0) Rails memcached store optimized for the thundering herd issue. This limit cache recalculation to ...
  11. 3,033 downloads
    atomic-parsley-ruby (0.0.5) A wrapper api for the atomicparsley cli
  12. 644 downloads
    atomic_redis_cache (0.2.2) Use Redis as a multi-process atomic cache to avoid thundering herds and long calculations
  13. 1,211 downloads
    atomic_sass (0.2.0) Generators for making atomic sass easy
  14. 3,171 downloads
    atomics_resource (0.0.2) Model Atomics (MySQL over HTTP) records for ruby and rails projects
  15. 3,725 downloads
    AtomicTV (1.0.3) A command line tool to tag MP4 TV shows with metadata pulled from It uses AtomicPars...
  16. 178 downloads
    atomist-rubington (1.0.0) The idea is to add dc & surrounding areas (VA&MD) services into a gem.
  17. 3,259 downloads
    atomizer (0.0.2) Utilities for atom feed parsing and generation
  18. 893 downloads
    atomjs-rails (0.0.1) Atom javascript library prepared for using with Rails 3.1+
  19. 2,252 downloads
    atomlog (1.1.1) A library for parsing ruby's Logger format into an Atom feed
  20. 1,738 downloads
    atoms (0.0.2) an experiment of using for serving AMF3 to flash clients with API written in grape style
  21. 1,680 downloads
    atomsmasher (0.0.1) Propel atoms of code at one another and extract their properties from the bits that fall out.
  22. 1,766 downloads
    atom_smasher (0.0.3) Engine to add a RSS and Atom reader to your JRuby on Rails app.
  23. 32,546 downloads
    atom-tools (2.0.5) atom-tools is an all-in-one Atom library. It parses and builds Atom (RFC 4287) entries and feeds,...
  24. 24,915 downloads
    atomutil (0.1.4) This library allows your to handle AtomPub and Atom Feed easily
  25. 1,711 downloads
    atomy (0.1.1) the Atomy programming language
  26. 952 downloads
    atos (0.0.1) Ruby on Rails gateway for SIPS/ATOS french online payments API
  27. 994 downloads
    atosl (0.0.4) atosl is used for converting binary addresses within a macho file to symbols.
  28. 112,814 downloads
    atoulme-Antwrap (0.7.4) A Ruby module that wraps the Apache Ant build tool. Antwrap can be used to invoke Ant Tasks from...
  29. 9,250 downloads
    atoulme-Saikuro (1.2.1) Saikuro is a Ruby cyclomatic complexity analyzer. When given Ruby source code Saikuro will gener...
  30. 1,623 downloads
    atpay (1.4.0) payment class