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  1. 2,421 downloads
    aws-asg-fleet (0.0.5) AWS Auto Scaling Fleets
  2. 3,590 downloads
    aws-auth (0.9.1) Rack middleware that provides AWS (Amazon Web Services) style authentication.
  3. 736 downloads
    aws-base (0.1.0) Do the dirty stuff for AWS usage
  4. 66,294 downloads
    awsborn (0.9.11) Awsborn lets you define and launch a server cluster on Amazon EC2.
  5. 2,038 downloads
    aws-carb (0.0.9) a tool for provisioning ec2 instances with a templated cloudinit configuration, with the optional...
  6. 4,583 downloads
    aws-cfn-compiler (0.9.12) The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation deployment. ...
  7. 1,970 downloads
    aws-cfn-decompiler (0.9.5) The idea is to extract a big CloudFormation template into a folder structure to better manage pie...
  8. 2,306 downloads
    aws-cfn-dsl (0.9.5) Ruby DSL for creating Cloudformation templates
  9. 288 downloads
    aws-cfn-stacker (0.0.5) A CloudFormation stack management helper to do stack CRUD and chaining. It eases the pain of sett...
  10. 1,367 downloads
    aws-cfn-yats (0.1.9) AWS Cloudformation templates expressed with a Ruby DSL, YAML or JSON in a modular fashion
  11. 130,039 downloads
    aws_cf_signer (0.1.3) Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.
  12. 16,538 downloads
    awscli (0.2.7) Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services built in Ruby, using Fog and Thor
  13. 421 downloads
    aws-cli (0.0.1.pre3) This gem contains a command-line "aws" script, which provides an interface to certain Amazon web ...
  14. 20,357 downloads
    aws-cloudfront (0.0.6) This tool enables you to manage your CloudFront distributions via Ruby or command line.
  15. 3,966 downloads
    aws_cloud_map (0.2.0) An easy to use object-oriented library for accessing and manipulating Amazon EC2 information.
  16. 10,543 downloads
    aws_cloud_search (0.0.2) AWSCloudSearch Search gem
  17. 749 downloads
    aws_config (0.0.2) AWSConfig is a parser for AWS_CONFIG_FILE used in aws-cli.
  18. 3,779 downloads
    aws-controller (0.0.4) aws controller
  19. 15,022 downloads
    awscosts (0.0.7) AWSCosts provides an easier way to calculate the costs of running your project in AWS
  20. 10,133 downloads
    aws_credentials (0.7.0) Easily access AWS credentials stored in a central config file
  21. 1,295 downloads
    aws-creds (0.2.3) AWS credentials manager
  22. 5,670 downloads
    aws_csshx (0.1.5) csshx wrapper that interacts with your AWS account for group ssh sessions. You can even pass...
  23. 1,333 downloads
    aws-data (0.2.0) Fetch instance data from AWS
  24. 1,907 downloads
    aws_deploy ( Description of AwsDeploy.
  25. 855 downloads
    aws_dump (0.0.2) Dump AWS data from API
  26. 5,541 downloads
    awsec (0.1.3) Open and close AWS Security Group from the terminal for more secure operations
  27. 2,015 downloads
    aws-ec2-instance_types (1.0.4) Retrieve an up to date list of valid AWS EC2 Instance Types directly from Amazon Web Services off...
  28. 736 downloads
    aws-edges (0.5) AWS Edges is used to chart out your AWS environments
  29. 6,633 downloads
    aws-ext (0.1.2) Extensions for aws-s3
  30. 273,887 downloads
    aws-flow (1.3.0) Library to provide the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby