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  1. 1,073 downloads
    active_admin_jcrop (0.0.6) Jcrop plugin for ActiveAdmin, enable image cropping solution on image fields
  2. 2,704 downloads
    activeadmin-logs (0.0.1) Logs for ActiveAdmin
  3. 1,602 downloads
    active_admin_modal_upload (0.0.5) Allows for the upload of multiple files in the background from a modal window in Active Admin
  4. 16,637 downloads
    activeadmin-mongoid (0.3.0) ActiveAdmin hacks to support Mongoid (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
  5. 48,929 downloads
    activeadmin-mongoid-blog (0.3.9) Blog app on the top of activeadmin and mongoid, using redactor and select2 plugins.
  6. 31,089 downloads
    activeadmin-mongoid-localize (1.0.1) Easily edit mongoid localized fields in ActiveAdmin (all locales on one page)
  7. 17,033 downloads
    activeadmin-mongoid-reorder (0.2.1) Reorder index table rows plugin for activeadmin.
  8. 10,314 downloads
    activeadmin-mongoidv3 (0.0.2) ActiveAdmin hacks to support Mongoid (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
  9. 5,878 downloads
    activeadmin-mongomapper (0.0.1) ActiveAdmin hacks to support mongomapper (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)
  10. 2,812 downloads
    active_admin_multi_upload (0.0.4) Allows a user to upload multiple files within Active Admin. Includes features such as Progress Ba...
  11. 6,952 downloads
    activeadmin_pagedown (0.0.2) Pagedown widget for ActiveAdmin.
  12. 880 downloads
    active_admin_pagination (0.2.0) Provides a pagination 'per page' interface for ActiveAdmin. It renders a sidebar section with a n...
  13. 796 downloads
    activeadmin-redactor (0.2.1) Redactor WYSIWYG Editor Integration for ActiveAdmin resources.
  14. 5,242 downloads
    active_admin_relationship_filters (0.1.0) Provides a few more filter options to ActiveAdmin allowing you to easily traverse relationships o...
  15. 448 downloads
    activeadmin_reorderable (0.0.1) Add drag and drop reordering to ActiveAdmin tables.
  16. 1,537 downloads
    activeadmin-select2 (0.1.5) With ActiveAdmin-Select2 you are able to chose Select2 as a drop-down entry option in Forms and F...
  17. 168,786 downloads
    activeadmin-selleo-cms (0.0.61) ActiveAdmin CMS extension
  18. 101,958 downloads
    activeadmin-settings (0.4.4) Easy to use general purpose settings backend for activeadmin
  19. 17,722 downloads
    active_admin_sidebar (0.0.4) extension for activeadmin gem to manage sidebar
  20. 486 downloads
    activeadmin_sortable (0.0.1.pre) Extends ActiveAdmin to provide a page on which to sort a model's instances.
  21. 15,529 downloads
    activeadmin-sortable (0.0.3) Drag and drop sort interface for ActiveAdmin tables
  22. 264 downloads
    active_admin-sortable_tree (0.0.1) SortableTree provides sorting of lists and hierarchies from ActiveAdmin index views.
  23. 2,453 downloads
    active_admin-state_machine (0.1.1) Provides easy DSL integration between ActiveAdmin & state_machine
  24. 365 downloads
    active_admin-subnav (0.0.1) Currently, ActiveAdmin 1.0pre resets the top navigation menu to display the sub navigation menu f...
  25. 902 downloads
    activeadmin-therole (0.0.4) ActiveAdmin and TheRole integration
  26. 7,243 downloads
    activeadmin_tinymce (0.2.4) This is a wysiwyg html editor for the Active Admin interface using TinyMCE. Editor supports inser...
  27. 2,670 downloads
    active_admin_tokeninput (0.0.32) Turn fields to a token autocomplete in active_admin
  28. 24,901 downloads
    activeadmin-translate (0.2.2) Translate your models in ActiveAdmin with Globalize3.
  29. 16,252 downloads
    active_admin_usertasks (1.0.0) This provides some rake tasks to solve issues with activeadmin as used in production. Namely, th...
  30. 110 downloads
    active_annotation (0.0.1) Really soon in the best Gemfiles.