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  1. 13,598 downloads
    abscss (0.0.1) Breadth first search an HTML page and spit out all the branches of the tree as CSS selectors. Sim...
  2. 40,954 downloads
    absee (1.0) .ab1 reader / ABIF reader; extracts the peak indexes, called sequence, quality scores, and ACGT v...
  3. 29,659 downloads
    absentee_camper (0.0.7) Monitors a Campfire room for @mentions, and emails the @mentioned user with the message if they a...
  4. 11,791 downloads
    absgit (0.3.0) This gem contains a program which allows one to manipulate files in a Git repository from any loc...
  5. 7,750 downloads
    absinthe (0.0.3) Not yet suitable for production use!
  6. 23,132 downloads
    absolute (0.0.5) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  7. 85,918 downloads
    AbsoluteRenamer (1.1.2) AbsoluteRenamer is a very powerful tool that helps files and directories renaming using the Krena...
  8. 7,050 downloads
    AbsoluteRenamer-date (0.1.0) AbsoluteRenamer extension that provides date functions (such as NOW or file date, ...) to include...
  9. 7,487 downloads
    AbsoluteRenamer-system (0.1.0) AbsoluteRenamer extension that provides system informations (such as username, OS name, ...) to i...
  10. 12,912 downloads
    absolute_time (1.0.0) This gem provides a monotonically increasing timer to permit safe measurement of time intervals. ...
  11. 1,691 downloads
    absolution (0.0.6) Absolute URL detection and construction
  12. 76,777 downloads
    absolutize (0.0.12) URI Absolitizing parser
  13. 1,272 downloads
    absorb (0.0.5) Use this module to enable local, in-method class extensions.
  14. 4,703 downloads
    abst (0.2.0) prime,matrix, polynomial,etc
  15. 5,639 downloads
    abstats (0.0.1) Abstat is a simple library to help with analyzing the results of A/B test.
  16. 5,896,399 downloads
    abstract (1.0.0) 'abstract.rb' is a library which enable you to define abstract method in Ruby.
  17. 26,961 downloads
    abstract_analyzer (0.1.2) A rack based app analyzer
  18. 22,266 downloads
    abstract_auth (0.1.3) A gem to safely provide external application resources with a coherent and configurable API to a ...
  19. 12,413 downloads
    abstract_class (0.0.2) Abstract classes in ruby
  20. 458 downloads
    abstract-data-types (0.0.1) This gem tries to mock some data types by mainly providing conversion between them and the built-...
  21. 39,475 downloads
    abstract_feature_branch (1.2.2) abstract_feature_branch is a Rails gem that enables developers to easily branch by abstraction as...
  22. 2,964 downloads
    abstract_graph (1.2.1) Abstract Graph is a graphing library that can create mathematical graphs...
  23. 1,646 downloads
    abstract_importer (1.1.0) Provides services for the mass-import of complex relational data
  24. 38,464 downloads
    abstract_interface (0.1.7) Abstract Interface for the Crystal Framework
  25. 6,857 downloads
    abstract-interface (0.0.3) Abstract Interface for the Crystal Framework
  26. 23,869 downloads
    abstraction (0.0.4) Abstract classes for Ruby
  27. 20,420 downloads
    abstract_method (1.2.1) Abstract Method is a tiny library enabling you to define abstract methods in Ruby classes and mod...
  28. 4,219 downloads
    abstractor (1.0.23) A Rails engine gem for deriving discrete data points from narrative text via natural language pro...
  29. 23,576 downloads
    abstract-sql (0.0.4) It reverse an SQL statement to a Perl SQL::Abstract JSON format.
  30. 16,827 downloads
    abstractstack (0.0.3) A template of "Stack" classies