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  1. 4,834 downloads
    alterego (0.0.4) AlterEgo is a Ruby gem for integrating two-factor authentication into your web application.
  2. 8,578 downloads
    alter-ego (1.0.1) AlterEgo is a Ruby implementation of the State pattern as described by the Gang of Four. It diff...
  3. 6,313 downloads
    alter-ego-activerecord (0.1.2) Adapter to allow ActiveRecord to persist and restore state of objects using the AlterEgo state ma...
  4. 3,950 downloads
    alter-ego-mongoid (0.1.3) Adapter to allow Mongoid to persist and restore state of objects using the AlterEgo state machine...
  5. 1,123 downloads
    alter_form_images (0.0.2) More perfect decision for loading image in form with preview
  6. 2,274 downloads
    alternate-folder (0.2.0) Quickly switch to pre-defined remote folders with one command.
  7. 1,750 downloads
    alternator (0.0.2) Alternator generates alternative wrapper scripts; it helps you stubbing executed files.
  8. 1,602 downloads
    alterpath (0.2.0) Alterpath allows you to alter the system PATH on Windows in a flexible manner
  9. 6,737 downloads
    altflights (0.0.3) Kayak alternative flights wrapper
  10. 3,559 downloads
    alt-foreman (0.0.3) Lightweight procfile runner
  11. 11,581 downloads
    althor880-activerecord-activesalesforce-adapter (2.3.7) ActiveSalesforce (ASF) is a Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to
  12. 3,302 downloads
    altimeter (0.2.0) A tool to measure the tone or attitude of a body of text.
  13. 874 downloads
    altipsum (0.0.1) Random Sentences generator from Bram's Book
  14. 1,792 downloads
    altly-jammit (0.6.0) Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both the CS...
  15. 3,435 downloads
    altly-jammit-s3 ( Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 and clo...
  16. 5,843 downloads
    altmetric.rb (0.0.5) Altmetric API Client
  17. 4,234 downloads
    al-to_xls (0.2.1) Transform an Array or Hash into a excel file using the spreadsheet gem.
  18. 2,318 downloads
    altpass (0.2.0) Generate passwords derived from hand-alternating, visually unambiguous, alphanumeric characters. ...
  19. 1,653 downloads
    altria (0.2.1) I am altria.
  20. 3,484 downloads
    altum (1.0.0) Drive ShowOff remotely
  21. 1,226 downloads
    alu4103_expregulares (0.0.1) Gema para la utilizacion de Expresiones Regulares
  22. 1,240 downloads
    alu4103_tictactoe (0.0.1) Gema para programa TICTACTOE
  23. 1,277 downloads
    alu4216tictactoe (0.0.2) Juego de tres en ralla
  24. 394 downloads
    alucard (0.0.1) Alucard is a simple card library.
  25. 47,111 downloads
    alula (0.4.27) Alula creates higly optimised static blogs while taking all the complexity and repeated tasks awa...
  26. 31,894 downloads
    alula-plugins (0.4.27) Offers simple collection of basic plugins that are not necessary needed for every blog.
  27. 39,291 downloads
    alula-themes (0.4.27) Offers default theme as well some basic themes for Alula blogs.
  28. 2,342 downloads
    alumina (0.0.1) This gem parses HyperChem's .HIN files, PDB files, and in the future others, converting them to R...
  29. 1,723 downloads
    alvalaxia (0.1) Fetches all Sporting Clube de Portugal football home games and adds them as events to a Google Ca...
  30. 179 downloads
    alvarobp-acts_as_inverse_sortable (0.1.0) Negative timestamp on an Active Record model