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  1. 194 downloads
    botanicus-botabot (0.0.2) BotaBot is bot for jabber (XMPP protocol), especialy for MUC (multi user chat). It can interact w...
  2. 198 downloads
    botanicus-cart (0.0.1) Cart is framework agnostic solution for shopping cart. There are two existing imlementations. Fir...
  3. 388 downloads
    botanicus-dm-is-serialized (0.9.10) This plugin helps you to serialize your records into very short strings for storing in cookies.
  4. 214 downloads
    botanicus-dm-is-sluggable (0.9.10) This is plugin for easy creating unique slugs from other properties.
  5. 194 downloads
    botanicus-filelist (0.0.1) FileList is taken from Rake
  6. 1,972 downloads
    botanicus-gemcutter (0.2.1) Adds several commands for using, such as pushing new gems, migrating gems from Ruby...
  7. 195 downloads
    botanicus-get (0.0.1) Get is CLI download manager for automatic downloading the whole files of specified type from give...
  8. 190 downloads
    botanicus-merb-colorful-logger (0.0.1) Colors in Merb logger
  9. 200 downloads
    botanicus-merb-etag (0.0.1) Display and render use HTTP E-Tag
  10. 195 downloads
    botanicus-merb-pagination (0.0.1) Pagination for Merb framework
  11. 190 downloads
    botanicus-merb-path (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  12. 203 downloads
    botanicus-path (0.0.1) Path abstraction that provides easier interaction with paths and corresponding URLs.
  13. 198 downloads
    botanicus-pupu (0.0.1) Pupu is a plugin system for media like mootools plugins, icon sets etc. It knows dependencies and...
  14. 560 downloads
    botanicus-rango (0.0.4) Rango is ultralightweight, ultracustomizable, ultracool web framework deeply inspired by Django.
  15. 193 downloads
    botanicus-thor (0.9.8) A gem that maps options to a class
  16. 196 downloads
    botanicus-thor-utils (0.0.1) Thor extensions
  17. 14,266 downloads
    bot-away (2.0.1) Unobtrusively detects form submissions made by spambots, and silently drops those submissions.
  18. 3,854 downloads
    botch (0.1.5) Botch is a DSL for quickly creating web crawlers. Inspired by Sinatra.
  19. 323 downloads
    bot_detection (0.9.9) Detects Search Engine crawlers by reverse DNS lookups.
  20. 2,013 downloads
    bot_detector (0.0.1) Checks user-agents against a list of known bots.
  21. 17,185 downloads
    botemon (0.6) IRC bot for Pokéfags with (Poké|Ability|Item|Move|Moveset)dex and a trivia game.
  22. 448 downloads
    botfarmd (0.0.1) Botfarmd reads a configuration file that specifies Cinch bots with specific plugin suites. It the...
  23. 18,051 downloads
    botfly (0.3.6) Botfly is a Jabber Bot DSL that lets you write bots with ease. Enjoy, while it's still fresh and ...
  24. 2,684 downloads
    botherbother (0.1.01) botherbother attaches to shell commands (cd) and gives you a random tip on how to use the s...
  25. 418 downloads
    BotnetV2 (1.1.3) A bot net to calculate intense tasks on remote machines.
  26. 2,065 downloads
    bot_nyan (0.1.2) Bot_nyan is quickly creating twitter-bot in Ruby with Sinatra like DSL
  27. 5,698 downloads
    botolo (0.32.9) botolo is a bot engine written in ruby
  28. 1,882 downloads
    botr (0.2.0) A ruby API kit that manages the authentication, serialization and sending of API calls to the Bit...
  29. 4,915 downloads
    botscout (0.0.3) BotScout
  30. 6,757 downloads
    botstrap (0.1.1) Xcode/git bootstrapping