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  1. 8,350 downloads
    buildrdeb (1.0.1) A buildr plugin contributing a new packaging method to package your project as a .deb file.
  2. 1,390 downloads
    buildr-dependency-extensions (0.2) A Buildr extension that enables transitive dependency resolution by default
  3. 3,300 downloads
    buildr-examples (0.0.2) Examples using Apache Buildr.
  4. 4,522 downloads
    buildr-findBugs (0.1.1) Adds a task to help run FindBugs over your code.
  5. 5,387 downloads
    buildr-gemjar (1.1.0) Provides buildr support for packaging gems in a JAR for JRuby
  6. 326 downloads
    buildr-html5 (0.0.1.pre) Build like you code - now supporting HTML, JS and CSS
  7. 7,236 downloads
    buildr-hx (0.0.1.pre) Build like you code - now supporting haXe
  8. 16,379 downloads
    buildr-iidea (0.0.10) This is a buildr extension that provides tasks to generate Intellij IDEA project files. The iidea...
  9. 1,666 downloads
    buildr-ipojo (0.0.1) This is a buildr extension that processes OSGi bundles using the iPojo "pojoization" tool that ge...
  10. 5,401 downloads
    buildrizpack (0.2.1) A buildr plugin contributing a new packaging method to package your project as a IzPack installer.
  11. 8,807 downloads
    buildr-jaxb-xjc (0.0.1) This is a buildr extension that tasks to execute the XJC binding compiler.
  12. 2,517 downloads
    buildr-mirah (0.2.0) Use buildr to compile your mirah projects
  13. 1,817 downloads
    buildr-package-as-exe (1.0.0) A plugin for creating .exe installers with Buildr and makeNSIS. You still are in full control, cr...
  14. 25,562 downloads
    buildr-resolver (0.4.8) Java dependency resolver for Buildr using Maven's Aether
  15. 1,841 downloads
    buildr-tomcat (0.0.2) Provides the ability to run a war-packaged artifact using an embedded Tomcat.
  16. 12,721 downloads
    build_status_server (0.17) A build notifier server for Jenkins CI that controls an XFD over HTTP
  17. 51,442 downloads
    build-tool (0.6.9) The tool helps ...
  18. 3,716 downloads
    build-ubuntu-ami (2.1.1) Create customized ubuntu AMIs the hard (secure) way.
  19. 8,142 downloads
    build_watcher (0.1.4) Monitors the build status of projects on and sends out notifications via a U...
  20. 2,553 downloads
    buildybuild (1.1.0) Generators for adding a CMS your site
  21. 1,317 downloads
    buildzilla (0.0.1) A fast light weight build server.
  22. 333 downloads
    builtinbruges-css-rails (1.0.0) This gem includes Sass mixins with CSS code related to Built in that can be re-used ac...
  23. 5,591 downloads
    built_in_data (0.1.6) BuiltInData is a simple tool for loading and updating data in a Rails application.
  24. 6,666 downloads
    builtinextension (0.1.0) Personally frequently used methods for builtin classes, e.g., String, Array, etc. These m...
  25. 752 downloads (0.8) is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). This is a Ruby SDK that provides a convenient...
  26. 4,417 downloads
    bukin (0.9.0) Plugin and server package manager for Minecraft
  27. 9,284 downloads
    bukkit (2.5.2) A command line wrapper for CraftBukkit.
  28. 845 downloads
    bukovina (0.0.3) Bukovina is the Orthodox Christian God-service library
  29. 1,749 downloads
    bulgarianize (0.1.2) A humble gem adding various usefulness for dealing with Bulgarian localization.
  30. 11,528 downloads
    bulk_api (0.0.10) Easy integration of rails apps with sproutcore.