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  1. 8,089 downloads
    build_watcher (0.1.4) Monitors the build status of projects on and sends out notifications via a U...
  2. 2,524 downloads
    buildybuild (1.1.0) Generators for adding a CMS your site
  3. 1,307 downloads
    buildzilla (0.0.1) A fast light weight build server.
  4. 321 downloads
    builtinbruges-css-rails (1.0.0) This gem includes Sass mixins with CSS code related to Built in that can be re-used ac...
  5. 5,485 downloads
    built_in_data (0.1.6) BuiltInData is a simple tool for loading and updating data in a Rails application.
  6. 6,592 downloads
    builtinextension (0.1.0) Personally frequently used methods for builtin classes, e.g., String, Array, etc. These m...
  7. 660 downloads (0.8) is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). This is a Ruby SDK that provides a convenient...
  8. 4,304 downloads
    bukin (0.9.0) Plugin and server package manager for Minecraft
  9. 8,945 downloads
    bukkit (2.5.2) A command line wrapper for CraftBukkit.
  10. 815 downloads
    bukovina (0.0.3) Bukovina is the Orthodox Christian God-service library
  11. 1,739 downloads
    bulgarianize (0.1.2) A humble gem adding various usefulness for dealing with Bulgarian localization.
  12. 11,432 downloads
    bulk_api (0.0.10) Easy integration of rails apps with sproutcore.
  13. 1,148 downloads
    bulk_cache_fetcher (0.0.3) Fetches cache misses in bulk
  14. 21,830 downloads
    bulk_data_methods (1.1.2) MixIn used to extend ActiveRecord::Base classes implementing bulk insert and update operations th...
  15. 1,708 downloads
    bulkdom (0.1.0) An efficient domain name availability bulk checker that looks for the presence of DNS Records bef...
  16. 1,193 downloads
    bulker (0.1.0) bulker is library that privides bulk execution functionality for paging and buffering.
  17. 288 downloads
    bulk-insert-active-record (0.0.2) This gem allows you to insert multiple rows as once, dramatically increasing performance.
  18. 2,949 downloads
    bulkippt (0.0.4) Imports bookmarks (url, title, etc) into your account in bulk
  19. 1,553 downloads
    bulkippt-cli (0.0.2) BulkipptCLI offers a command line interface alternative to using the Bulkippt gem in your applica...
  20. 5,085 downloads
    bulkmail (0.3.0) Ruby bulk-mailer.
  21. 780 downloads
    bulk_record (0.0.1) library for mysql bulk insert
  22. 714 downloads
    bulksearch (0.1.0) Bulk search via spreadsheet.
  23. 6,204 downloads
    bulksms (0.5.2) Send SMS text messages via the BulkSMS API.
  24. 3,370 downloads
    bulk_time_entry_plugin (0.5.0) This is a plugin to enter multiple time entries at one time.
  25. 4,069 downloads
    bulk_update (1.1.4) Updates a large amount of Records in a highly efficient way
  26. 1,585 downloads
    bulky (0.9.0) Bulky allows you bulk update your ActiveRecord models. It will enqueue the bulk update and run i...
  27. 35,934 downloads
    bulldog (0.2.4) Provides file attachments for ActiveRecord objects. Designed for high-volume use.
  28. 552 downloads
    bulldoggy (0.0.2.alpha) Bulldoggy is a to-do list app inspired by Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture
  29. 210 downloads
    bulldoggy-filesystem (0.0.1) A filesystem repository strategy for bulldoggy apps
  30. 3,220 downloads
    bulldog_physics (0.2.0) 3D Physics Engine written in pure ruby that can be used for creating 3d simulations or games