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  1. 894 downloads
    brancusi (0.0.1) An opinionated CoffeeScript framework for developing single page applications.
  2. 876 downloads
    brancusi-rails (0.0.1) Rails support for Brancusi.js
  3. 12,429 downloads
    brand2csv (0.3.0) brand2csv creates csv files for swiss brand registered in a specific time period. The csv cont...
  4. 383 downloads
    brand_captcha (0.0.2) API to interact with BrandCAPTCHA
  5. 12,673 downloads
    brandeins (0.3.0) BrandEins gem offers a download command to download a specific or all volumes. Use `brandeins hel...
  6. 9,563 downloads
    brandeins-dl (0.0.9) Please do not use this gem anymore since it was renamed to `brandeins`. Install the new gem via `...
  7. 757 downloads
    brandmaker (0.1.0) Allows access to BrandMaker JobManager (DSE) and MediaPool APIs
  8. 157 downloads
    brandon-codex (1.0.3) Simple tool for creating source-code intensive presentations and courses
  9. 153 downloads
    brandon-money (1.7.2) Class aiding in the handling of Money and Currencies. It supports easy pluggable bank objects for...
  10. 153 downloads
    brandonvalentine-basecamper (1.0.5) Command line interface to tracking time on Basecamp.
  11. 152 downloads
    brandonvalentine-mysql-ruby (2.8.1) This is the MySQL API module for Ruby. It provides the same functions for Ruby programs that the ...
  12. 1,148 downloads
    brandy (0.0.1) Besides being a flexible responsive admin theme I hope for this to be a great learning resource f...
  13. 1,137 downloads
    brane (0.0.1) Simple Markov chain generator using Tokyo Cabinet
  14. 35,897 downloads
    branston (0.6.6) An agile user story tracker that generates gherkin files and step definitions for use with the cu...
  15. 2,666 downloads
    brant (0.1.1) Simple package migration management inspired from rails database migration management
  16. 1,194 downloads
    brapi (0.0.3) A Ruby wrapper for
  17. 11,456 downloads
    br_api_fantasy (0.1.5) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 1,426 downloads
    brash (0.0.1) Build bash commands with Ruby
  19. 5,607 downloads
    braspag (0.4.0) Access the Braspag webservices using Ruby
  20. 3,067 downloads
    braspag-pagador (1.0.1) Braspag: brazilian gateway, agnostic, support all features in braspag
  21. 10,741 downloads
    brass (1.2.1) BRASS stands for Bare-Metal Ruby Assertion System Standard. It is a very basic foundational asser...
  22. 5,793 downloads
    brassbound-dci (0.5.4) Brassbound is a simple but strict implementation of the Data, Context, and Interaction (DCI) para...
  23. 434 downloads
    brasspounder (0.0.2) Feed brasspounder (ham radio slang for CW operator) some text and it will send the text in CW. Op...
  24. 1,729 downloads
    brasten-ci_reporter (1.6.5) CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit, RSpec and Cucumber that allows you to generate XML repor...
  25. 160 downloads
    bratta-googlevoiceapi (0.1.2) Ruby library for interacting with Google Voice
  26. 295 downloads
    bratta-leetspeak (0.1.1) A fun utility to play with strings by converting them to leetspeak
  27. 308 downloads
    bratta-mactts (0.1.2) Ruby wrapper around the Mac OS X say command
  28. 1,901 downloads
    brauchbar (0.1.0) adj, German. practical, convenient, utilizable, feasible AKA a decent HTTP client for Ruby
  29. 22,853 downloads
    brauser (3.3.2) A framework agnostic browser detection and querying helper.
  30. 453 downloads
    bravery (0.0.2) Ruby state machine micro library. Maintains state and gets out of your way.