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  1. 125 downloads
    breakpointer-surveyor (0.2.0) A rails (gem) plugin to enable surveys in your application
  2. 5,204 downloads
    breakpoint-slicer (1.3.4) A very quick and efficient syntax for Breakpoint
  3. 2,255 downloads
    breaktime (0.1.4) Enforce screen breaks at regular intervals, when you want them
  4. 5,636 downloads
    breakup (1.0.0) Build multiple stylesheets based off globally defined breakpoints
  5. 10,179 downloads
    breakverter (2.0.0) BreakVerter has been renamed to Linebreak.
  6. 7,888 downloads
    breeder (0.0.6) Process spawning and reaping
  7. 7,929 downloads
    breeze (0.2.0) Breeze makes it easy to automate server installation and configuration. It provides example scrip...
  8. 6,012 downloads
    bremen (0.2.2) Bremen provides common search interface for some music websites. it supports YouTube, SoundCloud,...
  9. 931 downloads
    brendan-entrails (1.0.8) This is a collection of extensions to Rails internals that I've found to be absolutely indispensi...
  10. 346 downloads
    brendanlim-contacts (1.0.15) A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, Gm...
  11. 125 downloads
    brendanlim-gravtastic (2.1.2) Easily add Gravatars to your Ruby objects.
  12. 114 downloads
    brendanlim-memcache-client ( A Ruby-based memcached client library
  13. 245 downloads
    brendanlim-mms2r ( == DESCRIPTION MMS2R is a library that decodes the parts of an MMS message to disk while stripp...
  14. 115 downloads
    brendanlim-sms-fu (1.0.0) SMS Fu allows ou to send a text-message for free in the form of an e-mail to a mobile recipient.
  15. 685 downloads
    brendan-simpleconfig (0.0.6) This is a really simple system for getting configuration data into your app. See the wiki at htt...
  16. 2,541 downloads
    brendan-skynet (0.9.318) Skynet - A Ruby Map/Reduce Framework
  17. 4,433 downloads
    brentano (0.0.3) Brentano helps you present ActiveRecord collections to your controllers and avoid repetitive ORM ...
  18. 233 downloads
    brentd-integrity-growl (1.0.2) Easily let Integrity show Growl notifications after each build
  19. 1,726 downloads
    brentgreeff_akephalos (0.2.4) Headless Browser for Integration Testing with Capybara
  20. 1,120 downloads
    bresenham (0.0.2) Implementation of Bresenham's algorithm for lines and circles. Functions return sets of coordinat...
  21. 6,626 downloads
    bresson (0.0.6) Abstracts the methods from different image services, like Flickr and Picasa
  22. 2,164 downloads
    bretels (1.0.3) Fork of thoughtbot's Suspenders for use at Brightin.
  23. 122 downloads
    brettjackson-uniquify (0.1.0) Generate a unique token with Active Record.
  24. 227 downloads
    BrettRasmussen-factory_girl (1.2.3) factory_girl provides a framework and DSL for defining and using factories - less error-prone, mo...
  25. 818 downloads
    bret-watircraft (0.5.0) WatirCraft is a framework for testing web apps.
  26. 7,006 downloads
    brevis-imap (0.1.1) With this engine Brevis is able to connect with a imap server to manage the mails.
  27. 736 downloads
    brewby (0.1.1) The core components of the Brewby brewing system
  28. 389 downloads
    brewby-cli (0.1.0) An ncurses-based terminal application for the Brewby ecosystem
  29. 12,689 downloads
    brewbygems (0.4.0) Adds RubyGems post-install and post-uninstall hooks to update Homebrew bin/ symlinks
  30. 360 downloads
    brew-cask-commands (0.1.0) Adds new command `doutdated` and `dupgrade` to homebrew cask by providing those as external commands