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  1. 3,416 downloads
    burden (0.1.3) Rake tasks manager and statistics collector
  2. 3,404 downloads
    burden_web (0.1.3) Burden is a manager and statistics collector for Rake tasks. It comes with this web interface.
  3. 4,961 downloads
    bureau (0.1.1) Bureau provide a simple interface to build custom xlsx files.
  4. 9,195 downloads
    bureaucrat (0.10.2) Bureaucrat is a form handling library for Ruby.
  5. 3,685 downloads
    burek (0.5.9) Manage your translations the easy way.
  6. 4,145 downloads
    burger_fixins (0.0.4) Simple, yet, flexible redis-backed site/application settings manager. Works with Rails, Sinatra,...
  7. 812 downloads
    burghers (0.0.3) Use Open Calais. Easily.
  8. 661 downloads
    burgundy (0.0.3) A simple wrapper for objects (think of Burgundy as a decorator/presenter) in less than 100 lines.
  9. 518 downloads
    burgundy-lord-thrift (0.0.4) Thrift Bindings for Burgundy Reporting
  10. 1,088 downloads
    burisu-docsplit (0.7.6) Docsplit is a command-line utility and Ruby library for splitting apart documents into th...
  11. 9,814 downloads
    burke (0.3.6) Helper for creating nice, clean Rake files
  12. 1,293 downloads
    burlap (0.0.1) Gem description placeholder
  13. 4,552 downloads
    burlesque (2.0.5) Crea estructura de roles y grupos para caulquier modelo, considera ademas las 3 tablas de join qu...
  14. 1,095 downloads
    burn (0.1.3) Burn is a free and open source framework that allows you to create 8-bit flavored application usi...
  15. 6,326 downloads
    burninator (1.0.0) Plays SELECT queries to your Rails application on a follower database to keep its caches warm.
  16. 1,778 downloads
    burn_iso (1.0.3) A simple CD/DVD class that tries to burn an .iso file. Usable only on Linux though, with ...
  17. 1,231 downloads
    burnout (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 1,321 downloads
    burnspam (0.1.1) Built based on
  19. 2,688 downloads
    burocracias (0.0.4) Métodos para facilitar o tratamento de CEP, CPF, CNPJ e outras burocracias do nosso Brasil
  20. 2,728 downloads
    burp (0.1.1) Tell it which hash key in the array of hashes to use as the hash id, and voila a hash is made fro...
  21. 20,229 downloads
    burp_cms (1.5.9) A CMS that tries hard to not get in your way!
  22. 643 downloads
    burr (0.0.3) 使用 Markdown 编写书籍内容,通过 burr 将其转换成 PDF,ePub 和 Mobi 格式电子书。
  23. 558 downloads
    burrito (0.0.1) Not sure yet, but it will be good!
  24. 701 downloads
    burrow (0.0.2) A wrapper to the bunny gem that removes the need for a lot of boilerplate code
  25. 472 downloads
    burst (0.1.1) A gem for manage env variables
  26. 4,072 downloads
    burstsms (0.1.4) Ruby Interface for the Burst SMS gateway
  27. 987 downloads
    burt-delay_queue (1.1.0) Delay queue keeps it's elements ordered by a timestamp, popping off the items with the lowest tim...
  28. 1,042 downloads
    bus (0.0.3) Lightweight message bus without mixins, globals or mutable state.
  29. 1,261 downloads
    busboy (0.0.1) Includes a middleware, and a direct api for capturing exceptions and pushing them to circular_file
  30. 10,380 downloads
    buscalibre (0.0.9) Basic Ruby Wrapper to's API.