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  1. 3,201 downloads
    brute-fuzzy (1.0.0) Fuzzy bit match 64-bit integer key set in java with performance test.
  2. 1,442 downloads
    bruter (0.0.2) Bruter is a miniature Ruby library that allows its bearer the ability to craft elegant Rack-based...
  3. 1,811 downloads
    brute_squad (0.0.0) Sick of authentication frameworks with all the sauces? Me too.
  4. 1,268 downloads
    brutetools (0.0.1) Brutetools
  5. 2,623 downloads
    br_validator (0.1.0) Validators for the brazilian CPF and CNPJ
  6. 67,127 downloads
    brwsr (1.1.1) Do some browser detection with Ruby.
  7. 100 downloads
    bryan-ash-pcanusb (1.0.1) PCAN is a Controller Area Network (CAN) device that connects to a PC via USB. It ships with a DLL...
  8. 597 downloads
    bryan-ash-wx-nobbie (0.1.0) wx-Nobbie is a simple interface for driving wxRuby application development.
  9. 98 downloads
    bryanlarsen-railroad (0.7.7) RailRoad is a class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications.
  10. 311 downloads
    bryanlarsen-rubydoctest (1.1.1) Ruby version of Python's doctest tool, but a bit different.
  11. 804 downloads
    bryanl-facebooker2 (0.0.5.x1) Facebook Connect integration library for ruby and rails
  12. 2,142 downloads
    bryanl-gherkin ( A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.
  13. 1,401 downloads
    bryanl-skype ( Unofficial Skype Api wrapper
  14. 115 downloads
    bryanl-xmpp4r (0.3.2) XMPP4R is an XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby.
  15. 104 downloads
    bryanp-adviser (0.1.1) Adviser allows you to give advice to another object.
  16. 493 downloads
    bryanwoods-mean (0.1.0) Mean finds the mean of an array of integers. As a bonus feature, Mean also finds the sum of an ar...
  17. 105 downloads
    brycethornton-integrity ( Your Friendly Continuous Integration server. Easy, fun and painless!
  18. 204 downloads
    brynary-features2cards ( features2cards. Generate printable PDF index cards from Cucumber feature files
  19. 322 downloads
    brynary-testjour (0.2.1) Distributed test running with autodiscovery via Bonjour (for Cucumber first)
  20. 295 downloads
    brynary-webrat (0.4.0) Webrat. Ruby Acceptance Testing for Web applications
  21. 2,032 downloads
    br_zip_code (0.2.3) Gem that lets user find a brazilian address with the given zip_code.
  22. 153 downloads
    bs (0.0.1) An environment manager for your shell.
  23. 4,141 downloads
    bscan (2.0.1) BScan is a configurable and extendable web application security scanner that can be run from a co...
  24. 199 downloads
    bschwartz-capsize (0.5.1) Capsize is a Capistrano plugin used to provide an easy way to manage and script interaction with ...
  25. 206 downloads
    bscofield-stammer (0.0.3) Super-simple wrapper for the Yammer API
  26. 1,412 downloads
    bscott-ec2ssh (0.2.0) Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this script pr...
  27. 15,147 downloads
    bsearch (1.5.0) The binary search algorithm is extracted from Jon Bentley's # Programming Pearls 2nd ed. p.93
  28. 1,081 downloads
    bsearch-ruby (0.1.1) A binary search implementation in ruby
  29. 78 downloads
    bs_form_builder (0.0.1) A Rails form builder for bootstrap style forms.
  30. 7,197 downloads
    bsf_scrape (0.1.8) The gem for the Bargain Stock Funds web site