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  1. 2,495 downloads
    bakery (0.5.3) Design the layout of a project and have it ready for coding.
  2. 4,689 downloads
    bakery-core (0.0.6) rendering of content, admin interface creation, host redirection
  3. 1,821 downloads
    bakery-theme (0.0.11) This theme includes helper methods, javascripts and stylesheets for the theme of the WebsiteBaker...
  4. 25,101 downloads
    bake-toolkit (1.6.3) This build tool is used to compile projects fast and easy.
  5. 4,166 downloads
    bakeware (1.2) Bakeware is a base Rails project that you can upgrade. It comes in two flavors - lean or meaty. ...
  6. 152 downloads
    bakineggs-poker (1.3) A library for constructing and comparing poker hands. Also provides a deck of cards.
  7. 881 downloads
    bakkdoor-blocktalk (0.1.6) Blocktalk is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language somewhat in the tradition of Smallta...
  8. 1,527 downloads
    bakkdoor-rswing (0.2.3) RSwing is a wrapper of the Swing GUI-Framework of the Java Platform for JRuby. The goal is to pro...
  9. 596 downloads
    bakkdoor-srxml (0.1.0) SRXML is a very (super, if you will!) lightweight xml generator for Ruby. No big magic here, it s...
  10. 3,897 downloads
    bakker (1.1.0) Bakker is a Ruby library and commandline tool to help with simple task of renaming or copying fil...
  11. 3,377 downloads
    bakman (1.0.1) It is for writing scripts for UNIX-like systems to handle your backups in a quick way.
  12. 434 downloads
    bak-shell (0.0.2) Backup utility that lets you back up files or directories, and manage those backups from the comm...
  13. 2,610 downloads
    balance (0.1.1) Balance is a gem automating checking balance for different service providers, such as mobile oper...
  14. 96,092 downloads
    balanced (1.1.1) Balanced is the payments platform for marketplaces.
  15. 2,182 downloads
    balanced-ach (0.2) Balanced ACH experimental API
  16. 952 downloads
    balancir (0.0.1) A client side HTTP load balancer.
  17. 162 downloads
    baldowl-gem_leaves (1.0.6) A dumb tool to list removable gems.
  18. 302 downloads
    baldowl-rack_csrf (1.1.0) Anti-CSRF Rack middleware
  19. 166 downloads
    baldowl-rack_hashed_cookie_session (0.0.2) Hashed cookie-based session store for Rack
  20. 153 downloads
    baldowl-rake_dmg (0.0.2) Rake library to build DMG files
  21. 148 downloads
    baldowl-rupostrano (0.0.1) Ruport + Capistrano = Rupostrano :-)
  22. 11,925 downloads
    baldr (0.3.14) Lightweight EDI X12 translator
  23. 4,037 downloads
    baldrick (0.0.2) A dogsbody. Does what you tell it. Use it to glue things together. Baldrick recognises orders an...
  24. 13,212 downloads
    baldwin (0.2.6) Bootstrap testing your rails 3 engine
  25. 7,529 downloads
    baleen (0.2.5) Ballen allows you to run cucumber tests in parallel and isolated environment by using Docker cont...
  26. 1,706 downloads
    balepc-zombie_passenger_killer (0.2.1) Guaranteed zombie passengers death
  27. 2,096 downloads
    balinterdi-activewarehouse-etl (0.9.2) ActiveWarehouse ETL is a pure Ruby Extract-Transform-Load application for loading data into...
  28. 310 downloads
    balinterdi-acts_as_trivia (0.1.3) This gem will add the possibility to turn your Rails application into a trivia game with the ease...
  29. 454 downloads
    balinterdi-cuckoo_twitterer (0.1.3) A simple yet elegant solution to tweet a message regularly from a file (and in the future: from a...
  30. 460 downloads
    balinterdi-hashtag_retweet_bot (0.1.3) Script that listens to a tag and retweets messages with that tag. Originally made for Scotland on...