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  1. 1,972 downloads
    bunt (0.1.0) Isolate and collate webpages.
  2. 197 downloads
    buntine-discogs (0.3.1) Discogs::Wrapper is a full wrapper for the API
  3. 17,315 downloads
    bunyan (0.5.1) Bunyan is a thin ruby wrapper around a MongoDB capped collection, created with high-performance, ...
  4. 933 downloads
    buoyancy (0.0.1) A Ruby gem for getting data from the NDBC (National Data Buoy Center)
  5. 5,342 downloads
    buoy_data (0.2.0) The goal of this gem is to provide marine buoy data from a variety of sources
  6. 7,183 downloads
    buratino (0.0.6) Write a gem description
  7. 3,747 downloads
    burden (0.1.3) Rake tasks manager and statistics collector
  8. 3,747 downloads
    burden_web (0.1.3) Burden is a manager and statistics collector for Rake tasks. It comes with this web interface.
  9. 5,632 downloads
    bureau (0.1.1) Bureau provide a simple interface to build custom xlsx files.
  10. 9,720 downloads
    bureaucrat (0.10.2) Bureaucrat is a form handling library for Ruby.
  11. 4,480 downloads
    burek (0.6.0) Manage your translations the easy way.
  12. 4,400 downloads
    burger_fixins (0.0.4) Simple, yet, flexible redis-backed site/application settings manager. Works with Rails, Sinatra,...
  13. 1,219 downloads
    burghers (0.0.4) Use Open Calais. Easily.
  14. 962 downloads
    burgundy (0.0.3) A simple wrapper for objects (think of Burgundy as a decorator/presenter) in less than 100 lines.
  15. 806 downloads
    burgundy-lord-thrift (0.0.4) Thrift Bindings for Burgundy Reporting
  16. 1,500 downloads
    burisu-docsplit (0.7.7) Docsplit is a command-line utility and Ruby library for splitting apart documents into th...
  17. 10,335 downloads
    burke (0.3.6) Helper for creating nice, clean Rake files
  18. 192 downloads
    burke-coremidi (0.0.5) A very simple access layer to the OS X CoreMIDI library.
  19. 746 downloads
    burke-monkeysupport (0.1.1) MonkeySupport provides C implementations for some of the more intensive string manipulation metho...
  20. 1,382 downloads
    burlap (0.0.1) Gem description placeholder
  21. 5,209 downloads
    burlesque (2.0.5) Crea estructura de roles y grupos para caulquier modelo, considera ademas las 3 tablas de join qu...
  22. 1,971 downloads
    burn (0.2.2) Burn is a free and open source framework that allows you to create 8-bit flavored application usi...
  23. 7,149 downloads
    burninator (1.0.0) Plays SELECT queries to your Rails application on a follower database to keep its caches warm.
  24. 2,034 downloads
    burn_iso (1.0.3) A simple CD/DVD class that tries to burn an .iso file. Usable only on Linux though, with ...
  25. 1,317 downloads
    burnout (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  26. 1,416 downloads
    burnspam (0.1.1) Built based on
  27. 3,056 downloads
    burocracias (0.0.4) Métodos para facilitar o tratamento de CEP, CPF, CNPJ e outras burocracias do nosso Brasil
  28. 2,902 downloads
    burp (0.1.1) Tell it which hash key in the array of hashes to use as the hash id, and voila a hash is made fro...
  29. 24,811 downloads
    burp_cms (1.7.0) A CMS that tries hard to not get in your way!
  30. 825 downloads
    burr (0.0.3) 使用 Markdown 编写书籍内容,通过 burr 将其转换成 PDF,ePub 和 Mobi 格式电子书。