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  1. 2,881 downloads
    butter (1.0.1) Easy HTML string truncation, done with proper markup in mind.
  2. 305 downloads
    buttercoin (0.0.2) ["Ruby Gem to connect to the Buttercoin API"]
  3. 2,945 downloads
    butterfly (0.0.2) Retrieves "likes" from various social media sites and presents them in a common format
  4. 8,893 downloads
    butterfly_net (0.0.5) IRB and Rails console history captured as Test::Unit tests. (RSpec and others hopefully soon to c...
  5. 10,743 downloads
    butternut (0.2.1) Based on Cucumber's HTML formatter, Butternut uses Celerity to capture page sources after each step.
  6. 1,198 downloads
    butternut_squash (0.1.0) For developer who care
  7. 1,579 downloads
    butter_sand (0.0.3) Ruby wrapper for marusei butter sand website
  8. 2,239 downloads
    butterware-kashflow (0.1.0) A Ruby wrapper for the Kashflow Accouting SOAP API
  9. 3,033 downloads
    buttless (0.0.6) Buttless gives you a way to quickly flesh out an API in detail. It generates sexy documentation. ...
  10. 10,469 downloads
    button_form (0.1.0) button_form replaces all <input type="submit"/> tags with <button/> in your forms
  11. 1,470 downloads
    button_helper (0.0.5) Helper method to give cuztomised button class
  12. 4,164 downloads
    button_like_a_link (0.1.2) This lets you turn a RESTful form into a text link. Like when you want a delete or submit in a me...
  13. 1,961 downloads
    button_link_to (0.0.4) a button version of Rails link_to helper
  14. 2,028 downloads
    buttons (0.1.0) Buttons is a Rack framework for working with JavaScript-heavy applications. It automatically crea...
  15. 2,073 downloads
    buttons-rails (0.0.3) A wrapper for Buttons in the Rails asset pipeline
  16. 323 downloads
    butzopower-cups ( Ruby CUPS provides a wrapper for the Common UNIX Printing System, allowing rubyists to perform ba...
  17. 607 downloads
    buweb_api_client (0.1.1) API consuming models for the Biola Web API project
  18. 14,195 downloads
    buweb_content_models (0.44.0) Shared Mongoid models for Biola web content to be used by apps that are part of the Biola WCMS pl...
  19. 5,644 downloads
    buxfer (0.2.1) A library providing access to buxfer ( API based on HTTParty.
  20. 4,262 downloads
    buzz (0.1.0) A growing suite of tools for doing handy admin tasks etc with Spacewalk
  21. 6,740 downloads
    buzzard (0.1.4) Love Sinatra, but feel it's just a little too minimalistic? Think Rails is way too bloated th...
  22. 31,178 downloads
    buzzcore (0.6.4) buzzcore is the ruby core library developed and used by Buzzware Solutions.
  23. 3,562 downloads
    buzzcorej (0.0.2) buzzcorej is the JRuby core library developed and used by Buzzware Solutions.
  24. 6,549 downloads
    buzzdata (0.0.5) Ruby client for the BuzzData API
  25. 14,852 downloads
    buzz_feed (0.1.9) Use this plugin for automated combining RSS/Atom links from various internet sources.
  26. 138 downloads
    buzzfizz (1.0.0) Makes solving fizzbuzz a breeze with horrible monkey patches!
  27. 7,288 downloads
    buzzoink (0.0.7) Simple interface for Pig, Hive and Streaming over EMR.
  28. 3,743 downloads
    buzzr (0.2) Ruby wrapper for Google Buzz atom feeds
  29. 1,233 downloads
    buzz-rails (0.0.1) use buzz.js in rails
  30. 8,471 downloads
    buzzsprout (0.0.6) Ruby wrapper for the stealth mode Buzzsprout API