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  1. 915 downloads
    bigint_primary_key (0.0.1) This is a simple gem to create big integer primary key for mysql and postgresql so that the auto ...
  2. 512 downloads
    bigmac (0.0.1) Bootstrap your mac with Bigmac.
  3. 4,745 downloads
    big_machine (1.2.0) Add support for creating state machine on any ruby object
  4. 3,626 downloads
    big_ml (0.1.3) A Ruby wrapper for the BigML REST API
  5. 5,575 downloads
    big_money (1.2.2) BigDecimal backed amount of money in a particular currency.
  6. 2,636 downloads
    bignou (0.1.3) Manage VM with LXC and AUFS
  7. 2,274 downloads
    big-o (0.1.1) Big-O is a gem which analyse an anonymous function and verify that it follow a specific pattern i...
  8. 1,685 downloads
    bigpanda (0.1.3) A Ruby client (and additional integrations) for BigPanda's API
  9. 1,911 downloads
    big-panda (0.0.2) A Ruby interface to the Big Panda API
  10. 25,667 downloads
    big-phoney (0.1.4) Simple phone number parsing in Ruby
  11. 1,858 downloads
    big-picture_manager (0.0.4) A RubyGem that managing developers. Mac OS X only.
  12. 4,310 downloads
    bigpipe-rails (0.1.1) Takes advantage of context switching and provides in Rails 3.1
  13. 11,471 downloads
    bigquery (0.2.9) This library is a wrapper around the google-api-client ruby gem. It's meant to make calls to BigQ...
  14. 17,102 downloads
    bigrecord (0.1.1) BigRecord is built from ActiveRecord, and intended to seamlessly integrate into your Ruby on Rail...
  15. 9,723 downloads
    bigrecord-driver (0.0.7) Bigrecord drivers that use JRuby DRb servers to connect with databases through their native Java ...
  16. 3,469 downloads
    big_register (0.0.5) A gem to query the BIG register
  17. 19,416 downloads
    big_sitemap (1.1.0) BigSitemap is a Sitemapgenerator suitable for applications with greater than 50,000 URLs. It spli...
  18. 4,688 downloads
    big_spoon (0.2.1) BigSpoon will add a hooks method to every class. Call that method with a block and add all...
  19. 531 downloads
    bigsword (0.1.5) A microframework for web api built on rack
  20. 1,661 downloads
    bigtextjs_rails (0.1.6) This is an asset pipeline wrapper for the awesome bigtext.js
  21. 10,850 downloads
    bigtinker (0.98) bigtinker application is a many pre-loaded applets for the tinker framework using RubyWebDialogs.
  22. 932 downloads
    bigv ( Tools to control BigV, a virtual machine service. Written by Bytemark. Gemified by Nathan Baum.
  23. 7,531 downloads
    bigwig (0.4.1) A daemon that listens to an AMQP queue and responds to messages by invoking commands from a set o...
  24. 4,630 downloads
    bijection (1.0.0) bijection container in ruby. See example in class Bijection.
  25. 1,851 downloads
    bijective (1.0.1) bijective can be used to decode strings and encode numbers
  26. 854 downloads
    bijin-snap (0.0.1) Usage: bijin-snap <area>
  27. 1,906 downloads
    bijou (0.1.0) Bijou is a web templating system in the style of Perl's HTML::Mason project. It is a flexible sys...
  28. 2,347 downloads
    biju (0.0.2) An easiest way to mount a GSM modem to send and to receive sms message
  29. 5,357 downloads
    bike (0.2.3) Bike is a web application framework that can make feature-rich apps by HTML files only. You need ...
  30. 4,161 downloads
    bikepoa-tools (0.4.0) A simple read-only API for Porto Alegre's bike rental system, bikepoa.