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  1. 1,773 downloads
    binary_decision_tree (0.1.2) A binary decision tree useful for brackets of single elimination tournaments.
  2. 3,000 downloads
    binary_finery (0.0.2) BinaryFinery mixes in a fluent interface to any IO entity for reading or wri...
  3. 1,873 downloads
    binary_fixtures (0.1.3) Convenience method for inlining binary data in Rails fixtures
  4. 758 downloads
    binarylogic-addresslogic (1.2.1) Creates a meaningful array of address parts for easy displaying.
  5. 396 downloads
    binarylogic-authlogic (2.1.1) A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.
  6. 197 downloads
    binarylogic-enumlogic (1.0.1) Adds enumerations to your models
  7. 1,701 downloads
    binarylogic-resourcelogic (0.12.6) Removes the need to namespace controllers by adding context and relative url functions among othe...
  8. 203 downloads
    binarylogic-search (2.0.0) TODO
  9. 4,898 downloads
    binarylogic-searchlogic (2.3.5) Searchlogic makes using ActiveRecord named scopes easier and less repetitive.
  10. 960 downloads
    binarylogic-settingslogic (2.0.3) A simple and straightforward settings solution that uses an ERB enabled YAML file and a singleton...
  11. 2,632 downloads
    binarylogic-shippinglogic (1.1.3) Easily use FedEx, UPS, USPS web services with an elegant and simple syntax.
  12. 34,532 downloads
    binaryparse (1.1.2) Binaryparse is a simple Ruby DSL to parse semi-complicated binary structures. This includes struc...
  13. 1,295 downloads
    binary_parser (1.1.2) This library can parse all kind of binary-data structures including non-fixed length of structure...
  14. 30,287 downloads
    binary_plist (0.0.5) Easily convert Ruby objects to the Apple Binary Plist format for transferring data to Objective-C...
  15. 972 downloads
    binary-protocol (0.0.1) Helpful DSL for reading and writing binary protocols
  16. 4,117 downloads
    binary_puzzle_solver (0.0.5) This is a solver for instances of the so-called Binary Puzzle from http://www.binarypuzzle....
  17. 3,921 downloads
    binarysearch (0.0.2) Binary search on files
  18. 5,976 downloads
    binary_search (0.3.0) Binary search and index methods for Ruby Arrays.
  19. 682 downloads
    binary_search_frequency (0.0.3) ruby gem for getting the frequency of an item in a sorted array in log time
  20. 12,097 downloads
    binary_search_tree (2.0) A self balancing avl binary search tree class. Also includes BinarySearchTreeHash which is a hash...
  21. 15,014 downloads
    binary_struct (2.0.0) BinaryStruct is a class for dealing with binary structured data. It simplifies expressing what ...
  22. 20,850 downloads
    bincache (0.1.4) BinCache is a system designed to cache compiled binaries. It has support for bash, ruby , ...
  23. 256 downloads
    bin_checker (0.1.0) Bin checker identifies Turkish banks with bin numbers.
  24. 21,254 downloads
    bind (0.2.8) bind actions to filesystem events
  25. 31,342 downloads
    bind9mgr (0.4.0) This gem contains some classes to manage bind9 zone files
  26. 8,802 downloads
    bindable_block (0.0.9) instance_exec can't pass block arguments through. Use a bindable block instead (there is also an ...
  27. 336,328 downloads
    bindata (2.1.0) BinData is a declarative way to read and write binary file formats. This means the programmer sp...
  28. 1,237 downloads
    bindep (0.0.5) A simple way to manage binary dependencies for multiple platforms.
  29. 3,350 downloads
    bindeps (0.1.3) binary dependency management for ruby gems
  30. 17,119 downloads
    binder (0.1.0) Binder allows you to evaluate a proc in a closure other than the one in which it was created. It ...