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  1. 581 downloads
    binary_search_frequency (0.0.3) ruby gem for getting the frequency of an item in a sorted array in log time
  2. 12,001 downloads
    binary_search_tree (2.0) A self balancing avl binary search tree class. Also includes BinarySearchTreeHash which is a hash...
  3. 11,301 downloads
    binary_struct (2.0.0) BinaryStruct is a class for dealing with binary structured data. It simplifies expressing what ...
  4. 20,511 downloads
    bincache (0.1.4) BinCache is a system designed to cache compiled binaries. It has support for bash, ruby , ...
  5. 215 downloads
    bin_checker (0.1.0) Bin checker identifies Turkish banks with bin numbers.
  6. 20,975 downloads
    bind (0.2.8) bind actions to filesystem events
  7. 30,583 downloads
    bind9mgr (0.4.0) This gem contains some classes to manage bind9 zone files
  8. 8,431 downloads
    bindable_block (0.0.9) instance_exec can't pass block arguments through. Use a bindable block instead (there is also an ...
  9. 326,764 downloads
    bindata (2.1.0) BinData is a declarative way to read and write binary file formats. This means the programmer sp...
  10. 1,069 downloads
    bindep (0.0.5) A simple way to manage binary dependencies for multiple platforms.
  11. 2,631 downloads
    bindeps (0.1.0) binary dependency management for ruby gems
  12. 16,907 downloads
    binder (0.1.0) Binder allows you to evaluate a proc in a closure other than the one in which it was created. It ...
  13. 1,654 downloads
    binder_core (0.1.1) Ruby framework for compiling data from a file system
  14. 1,112 downloads
    binder_sdk (0.0.5) Binder's SDK
  15. 2,968 downloads
    bindery (0.0.3) Bindery is a Ruby library for easy packaging of ebooks. You supply the chapter content (in HTML f...
  16. 8,969 downloads
    bindi (0.2.0) Persist your Ruby objects in Redis.
  17. 125 downloads
    bin_diesel (1.0.0) Bin Diesel allows you to write scripts relying on Option Parser with DSL that eliminates the boil...
  18. 557 downloads
    binding.hero (0.2.1) binding.hero rescues exceptions at runtime and starts a repl where the exception happened.
  19. 2,299,993 downloads
    binding_of_caller (0.7.2) Retrieve the binding of a method's caller. Can also retrieve bindings even further up the stack.
  20. 18,802 downloads
    binding.repl (2.3.1) auto discover and start the first available repl.
  21. 20,250 downloads
    bind-it (0.2.7) BindIt is a thin wrapper over the Ruby-Java-Bridge (Rjb) to facilitate the creation of Java bind...
  22. 764 downloads
    bindle (0.1.0) bindle is a server and development environment provisioning tool. Using Chef, Vagrant, and Fog it...
  23. 4,455 downloads
    bindler (0.1.4) Dead easy Vagrant plugins management
  24. 746 downloads
    bindless (1.0.1) Run any ruby procs with different binds on the fly!
  25. 7,962 downloads
    bind_log_analyzer (0.2.3) BindLogAnalyzer analyzes a Bind query log file and stores its data into a SQL database using Acti...
  26. 7,242 downloads
    bind-zone-parser (0.0.3) Helps with parsing records and data from BIND Zone files
  27. 1,132 downloads
    binfinity-rails (0.0.4) This gem provides a javascript plugin to allow uni or bidirectional infinite scrolling with options
  28. 4,523 downloads
    binflip (0.0.3) Environment-based feature flipper. Compatiable with rollout.
  29. 970 downloads
    binfuse (0.0.1) A description of your project
  30. 3,895 downloads
    bing (0.3.0) Bing api client library that exposes all of Bing's api features.