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  1. 2,355 downloads
    binger (1.0.0) A simple gem that provides a client to Microsoft's Bing Search API Endpoint using HTTP GET
  2. 4,249 downloads
    bing-helper (0.1.1) Bing search API client for EM-Synchrony using Faraday
  3. 3,444 downloads
    bing_images (0.0.2) A wrapper around Bing's image search.
  4. 1,342 downloads
    bing-location (0.0.2b) Access the Bing Maps API by creating location objects with string based queries or geolocation data
  5. 3,819 downloads
    bingodisk (0.0.2) A client library for storing files on Joyent's BingoDisk (
  6. 1,980 downloads
    bingoint (0.1.0) Convert Integers into their Bingo equivalent. No really.
  7. 47,758 downloads
    bing_translate_yaml (0.1.7) bing_translate_yaml is a simple Ruby on Rails plugin to translate your YAML files using Bing.
  8. 23,535 downloads
    bing_translator (4.3.0) Translate strings using the Bing HTTP API. Requires that you have a Client ID and Secret. See REA...
  9. 1,247 downloads
    bingwallpaper (0.5.6) This script downloads the "Image of the Day" and then uses Feh to set your desktop wallpaper. Mor...
  10. 6,320 downloads
    bini (0.7.0) Bini needs no description.
  11. 25,120 downloads
    binman (3.4.1) Produces UNIX manual pages for executable scripts.
  12. 617 downloads
    binneroc (0.0.2) bins x, y data into discrete bins using constant time binning. Useful.
  13. 2,862 downloads
    binomial (0.1.2) A gem for calculating probabilities modelled by the binomial theorem.
  14. 5,218 downloads
    binpack (0.0.4) 2 dimensional bin packing library adapted from a RubyQuiz solution by Ilmari Heikkinen
  15. 1,993 downloads
    binpress (1.0.0) BinPress is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, based on binpress. It promotes simplicit...
  16. 10,864 downloads
    bin_script (0.1.8) Gem for easy writing and executing scripts in Rails Application. For my purposes much better than...
  17. 2,318 downloads
    bin_search (0.1) Pure ruby implementation of binary search for Ruby arrays and similiar data structures. Supports...
  18. 2,079 downloads
    binstruct (1.0.0) BinStruct is a small class for defining structures that can be used to parse / manipulate binary ...
  19. 358 downloads
    bintje (0.4.0) OpenObject xmlrpc interface
  20. 3,955 downloads
    binToDec (0.0.8) An experimetal gem. Converts a binary number to a decimal only if the supplied number is binary.
  21. 542 downloads
    bintray (0.0.1) This gem provides a Ruby interface to the Bintray API, plus a Rake task to help uploading...
  22. 2,243 downloads
    bintray_deploy (0.0.4) A bintray deployment gem
  23. 5,471 downloads
    bin_utils (0.0.4) utils for extracting binary integers from binary string and packing them back
  24. 1,412 downloads
    binya (0.0.2) A small library to extract FOMC public speeches
  25. 2,157 downloads
    binyo (0.0.2) binyo offers a generic C API for dealing with Ruby IO objects and extension classes that allow to...
  26. 70,702 downloads
    bio ( BioRuby is a library for bioinformatics (biology + information science).
  27. 3,190 downloads
    bio-affy (0.5.1) Affymetrix microarray file format parser (CEL/CDF) for Ruby. FFI binding to Biolib port of R/Af...
  28. 8,766 downloads
    bio-alignment (0.0.8) Alignment handler for multiple sequence alignments (MSA)
  29. 1,432 downloads
    bio-aliphatic_index (0.0.1) A simple biogem that allows computation of the aliphatic index of a protein
  30. 6,944 downloads
    bio-assembly (0.1.0) bioruby plugin to parse, write, and manipulate assembly data