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  1. 5,418 downloads
    binpack (0.0.5) 2 dimensional bin packing library adapted from a RubyQuiz solution by Ilmari Heikkinen
  2. 2,042 downloads
    binpress (1.0.0) BinPress is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, based on binpress. It promotes simplicit...
  3. 11,117 downloads
    bin_script (0.1.8) Gem for easy writing and executing scripts in Rails Application. For my purposes much better than...
  4. 2,348 downloads
    bin_search (0.1) Pure ruby implementation of binary search for Ruby arrays and similiar data structures. Supports...
  5. 2,101 downloads
    binstruct (1.0.0) BinStruct is a small class for defining structures that can be used to parse / manipulate binary ...
  6. 390 downloads
    bintje (0.4.0) OpenObject xmlrpc interface
  7. 4,167 downloads
    binToDec (0.0.8) An experimetal gem. Converts a binary number to a decimal only if the supplied number is binary.
  8. 570 downloads
    bintray (0.0.1) This gem provides a Ruby interface to the Bintray API, plus a Rake task to help uploading...
  9. 2,402 downloads
    bintray_deploy (0.0.4) A bintray deployment gem
  10. 5,607 downloads
    bin_utils (0.0.4) utils for extracting binary integers from binary string and packing them back
  11. 1,458 downloads
    binya (0.0.2) A small library to extract FOMC public speeches
  12. 2,240 downloads
    binyo (0.0.2) binyo offers a generic C API for dealing with Ruby IO objects and extension classes that allow to...
  13. 73,609 downloads
    bio ( BioRuby is a library for bioinformatics (biology + information science).
  14. 3,251 downloads
    bio-affy (0.5.1) Affymetrix microarray file format parser (CEL/CDF) for Ruby. FFI binding to Biolib port of R/Af...
  15. 8,938 downloads
    bio-alignment (0.0.8) Alignment handler for multiple sequence alignments (MSA)
  16. 1,459 downloads
    bio-aliphatic_index (0.0.1) A simple biogem that allows computation of the aliphatic index of a protein
  17. 7,039 downloads
    bio-assembly (0.1.0) bioruby plugin to parse, write, and manipulate assembly data
  18. 6,655 downloads
    bio-band (0.1.11) Data mining and machine learning algorithms for JRuby
  19. 3,722 downloads
    bio-basespace-sdk (0.1.7) BaseSpace Ruby SDK is a Ruby based Software Development Kit to be used in the development of Apps...
  20. 4,655 downloads
    bio-bgzf (0.2.1) This library provides support for BGZF (Blocked GZip Format) in Ruby. BGZF, originally defined as...
  21. 7,362 downloads
    bio-bigbio (0.1.6) Fasta reader, ORF emitter, sequence translation
  22. 1,553 downloads
    bio-biolinux (0.1.0) Meta package for BioLinux distribution: bio-core, bio-core-ext
  23. 963 downloads
    bio-biostars-analytics (0.2.0) Ruby script for data-mining using web-crawling techniques as well as utilizing the B...
  24. 10,193 downloads
    bio-blastxmlparser (2.0.1) Fast big data BLAST XML parser and library; this libxml2 based version is 50x faster than BioRuby...
  25. 117 downloads
    bio-blat-tools (0.1.0) Tools to manipulate blat files from the command line. Uses the Bio::Blat object from BioRuby, but...
  26. 4,677 downloads
    bio-bwa (0.2.2) Ruby binding for BWA mapping software, built using Ruby-FFI library
  27. 4,016 downloads
    bio-cd-hit-report (0.1.0) A Ruby library for reading CD-HIT cluster reports
  28. 3,386 downloads
    bio-chembl (0.1.3) BioRuby plugin for ChEMBL REST API Client, Parser and Container classes
  29. 758 downloads
    bio-cigar (0.1.0) A parser for CIGAR format alignments.
  30. 2,867 downloads
    bio-cnls_screenscraper (0.3.0) Programmatic interface to the cNLS nuclear localisation signal prediction software