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  1. 1,648 downloads
    bios (0.0.1) Coming soon!
  2. 6,079 downloads
    bio-sambamba (0.0.5) New Sambamba library comes with a command-line tool for working with SAM/BAM files. This gem brin...
  3. 26,202 downloads
    bio-samtools (2.1.0) Binder of samtools for ruby, on the top of FFI. This project was born from the need to add su...
  4. 563 downloads
    bio-samtools-server (0.1.2) A minimal web service on the top of sinatra to query bam files
  5. 360 downloads
    bioseqalign (0.0.2) A simple gem to perform fast pairwise sequence alignment using seqan
  6. 1,854 downloads
    bio-sge (0.0.0) Entries in a flatfile will be parased by the BioRuby's module. These entries a...
  7. 6,635 downloads
    bio-signalp (0.3.1) A wrapper for the signal peptide prediction algorith SignalP. Not very well supported, but seems ...
  8. 1,169 downloads
    bio-statsample-glm (0.1.1) Statsample-GLM is an extension to Statsample, an advance statistics suite in Ruby. This gem inclu...
  9. 2,423 downloads
    bio-statsample-timeseries (0.2.1) Statsample-timeseries is an extension to Statsample. It incorporates helpful timeseries functions...
  10. 756 downloads
    bio-stockholm (0.0.1) Parses stockholm sequence alignment format
  11. 12,309 downloads
    bio-svgenes (0.4.1) This bio-gem facilitates the creation of pretty, publication quality SVG images from feature data.
  12. 2,423 downloads
    bio-synreport (0.1.2) Takes a GFF and genomic sequence file, constructs CDS and when given a position and alternative b...
  13. 3,653 downloads
    bio-tabix (1.0.1) Tabix file indexing routines from the samtools package
  14. 8,220 downloads
    bio-table (1.0.0) Functions and tools for tranforming and changing tab delimited and comma separated table files - ...
  15. 1,328 downloads
    biotcm (0.0.7) Integrating several databases, data structure and algorithms, BioTCM is designed as a base gem to...
  16. 6,408 downloads
    bio-tm_hmm (0.2.2) A bioruby plugin for interaction with the transmembrane predictor TMHMM
  17. 19,874 downloads
    bio-ucsc-api (0.6.2) Ruby UCSC API: accessing the UCSC Genome Database using Ruby
  18. 3,317 downloads
    bio-ucsc-util (0.1.2) Ruby FFI binding of the ucsc kent src. Implemented utilities include: bigWigInfo, bigWigSummary a...
  19. 2,540 downloads
    bio-unichem (0.3.0) BioRuby plugin for UniChem REST Web service
  20. 1,492 downloads
    bio-vcf (0.8.0) Smart lazy multi-threaded parser for VCF format with useful filtering and output rewriting
  21. 1,830 downloads
    bio-velvet (0.4.2) Parser to work with some file formats used in the velvet DNA assembler
  22. 617 downloads
    bio-velvet_underground (0.1.0) Bindings to some internals of the velvet assembler.
  23. 2,767 downloads
    bio-wolf_psort_wrapper (0.0.3) Enables the localisation predictor WoLF PSORT to be run locally. The algorithm is available at ht...
  24. 246 downloads
    bip70 (0.0.1) Create bitcoin payment requests easily
  25. 9,958 downloads
    bipbip (0.4.1) Agent to collect data for common server programs and push them to CopperEgg
  26. 158 downloads
    bipbip-cm (0.1.0) Collector to gather CM based application metrics for bipbip
  27. 1,929 downloads
    bipolar (0.1.0) MongoMapper plugin for first-class documents that can also be embedded
  28. 164 downloads
    Bira-sweat_shop (1.0.0) TODO
  29. 5,078 downloads
    birb (0.0.3) IRB with added functions to require, load and reload files faster
  30. 15,112 downloads
    birch (0.0.8) A basic Ruby tree implementation with an optional C extension for speed.