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  1. 4,284 downloads
    bio-pileup_iterator (0.0.4) Iterate through a samtools pileup file
  2. 3,562 downloads
    bio-plasmoap (0.0.2) The PlasmoAP algorithm (Foth and Ralph et. al. 2003) predicts apicoplast transit peptides in Plas...
  3. 987 downloads
    bio-polymarker_db_batch (0.4.0) Server for polymarker. To be used with cron
  4. 2,344 downloads
    bio-polyploid-tools (0.5.1) Repository of tools developed in TGAC and Crop Genetics in JIC to work with polyploid wheat
  5. 3,869 downloads
    bioportal (2.2) Supports linking of Models within a RoR application to a Concept and Ontology within the BioPortal
  6. 98 downloads
    bio-primer3 (0.0.1.pre) Primer3-related Ruby code - wrappers, Boulder IO, etc.
  7. 2,425 downloads
    bio-protparam (0.2.0) Bio::Protparam has same interface and function as Bio::Tools::Protparam class of BioPerl, except ...
  8. 1,833 downloads
    biopsy (0.2.0) framework for optimising any computational pipeline or program
  9. 5,785 downloads
    bio-publisci (0.1.0) A toolkit for publishing scientific results and datasets using RDF, OWL, and related technologies
  10. 366 downloads
    bio-qtlHD (0.0.1.alpha.1) Ruby tools and scripts for QTL mapping, part of the qtlHD project
  11. 716 downloads
    bio-raxml (0.1.0) Just a test
  12. 3,297 downloads
    bio-rdf (0.0.2) Store relationships in a triple-store, such as gene enrichment and QTL, and use this information ...
  13. 911 downloads
    bio-repeatmasker (0.0.3) A simple gem to parse, filter/search raw Repeat Masker output file from GoldenPath
  14. 1,854 downloads
    bio-restriction_enzyme (1.0.0) Digests DNA based on restriction enzyme cut patterns
  15. 14,710 downloads
    bioroebe (0.0.45) A simple collection of useful Bioruby-related code. It is similar in spirit to the BioRu...
  16. 1,102 downloads
    bioruby-bio ( BioRuby is a library for bioinformatics (biology + information science).
  17. 1,672 downloads
    bios (0.0.1) Coming soon!
  18. 6,194 downloads
    bio-sambamba (0.0.5) New Sambamba library comes with a command-line tool for working with SAM/BAM files. This gem brin...
  19. 26,846 downloads
    bio-samtools (2.2.0) Binder of samtools for ruby, on the top of FFI. This project was born from the need to add su...
  20. 612 downloads
    bio-samtools-server (0.1.2) A minimal web service on the top of sinatra to query bam files
  21. 419 downloads
    bioseqalign (0.0.2) A simple gem to perform fast pairwise sequence alignment using seqan
  22. 1,879 downloads
    bio-sge (0.0.0) Entries in a flatfile will be parased by the BioRuby's module. These entries a...
  23. 6,776 downloads
    bio-signalp (0.3.1) A wrapper for the signal peptide prediction algorith SignalP. Not very well supported, but seems ...
  24. 1,214 downloads
    bio-statsample-glm (0.1.1) Statsample-GLM is an extension to Statsample, an advance statistics suite in Ruby. This gem inclu...
  25. 2,512 downloads
    bio-statsample-timeseries (0.2.1) Statsample-timeseries is an extension to Statsample. It incorporates helpful timeseries functions...
  26. 781 downloads
    bio-stockholm (0.0.1) Parses stockholm sequence alignment format
  27. 12,683 downloads
    bio-svgenes (0.4.1) This bio-gem facilitates the creation of pretty, publication quality SVG images from feature data.
  28. 2,487 downloads
    bio-synreport (0.1.2) Takes a GFF and genomic sequence file, constructs CDS and when given a position and alternative b...
  29. 3,745 downloads
    bio-tabix (1.0.1) Tabix file indexing routines from the samtools package
  30. 8,442 downloads
    bio-table (1.0.0) Functions and tools for tranforming and changing tab delimited and comma separated table files - ...