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  1. 1,975 downloads
    b-list (0.0.0) B-List is a Rack middleware that makes it easy to authenticate users based on membership i...
  2. 1,997 downloads
    blister (0.0.0) B-List is a Rack middleware that makes it easy to authenticate users based on membership i...
  3. 21,204 downloads
    blitline (2.4.0) The blitline gems provides a simple easy wrapper to the web api
  4. 49,844 downloads
    blitz (0.1.30) Command-line interface and Ruby client library for Make load and performance te...
  5. 1,227 downloads
    blitzcrank (0.0.7) Copy down remote files and sort into nice folders
  6. 861 downloads
    blitz_smtp (0.0.1) BlitzSMTP implements RFC2920 (Command Pipelining) to achieve high message throughput
  7. 827 downloads
    blizz (0.2) Blizz let's you easily load hashes into objects
  8. 1,716 downloads
    blizzard-community-api (1.0.0) A ruby implementation of standard and authorized (OpenAuth) calls to the Blizzard Community API
  9. 115 downloads
    blizzardry (0.0.0) Blizzard is awesome, but working with their game files requires some wizardry. Blizzardry handles...
  10. 16,627 downloads
    blm (1.0.3) Hurrah! Another pointless text format to parse.
  11. 7,312 downloads
    bloat_check (0.0.5) Another ruby/rails bloat and memory leak debugging tool.
  12. 3,555 downloads
    bloatpng (0.0.5) There are plenty of tools to make your PNG's smaller. Sometimes bigger is better.
  13. 19,280 downloads
    blobject (0.3.7) Blobject provides a free flowing syntax for creating blobs of data.
  14. 153 downloads
    blobsterix (0.0.10) BlobServer
  15. 83 downloads
    blobsterix_carrierwave (0.0.7) This gem is used to create a carrierwave binding to a blobsterix server
  16. 63,444 downloads
    blobstore_client (1.2409.0) BOSH blobstore client f97cb2
  17. 18,016 downloads
    bloc (0.1.2) A command-line tool for Bloc
  18. 2,552 downloads
    block (0.0.10) Ruby Gem to block IP addresses that are requesting URLs you determine are bad.
  19. 9,608 downloads
    block64 (0.1.4) Encrypts and decrypts data of arbitrary length using RSA cyphers. Fixed and much faster fork of "...
  20. 718 downloads
    blockade (0.0.2) Controller level authorization
  21. 698 downloads
    blockbuilder (0.0.1) Make callbacks easily and build blocks with ease! BlockBuilder is intended to be used with more h...
  22. 2,925 downloads
    blockcache (0.3) Cache that knows how to update it's own contents.
  23. 5,345 downloads
    block_cache (0.1.0) uses mongo_mapper to cache block response strings. Use case: wrap your twitter api call with a bl...
  24. 1,286 downloads
    block_chain (0.2.0) Makes it easy to chain nested blocks together without creating a ton of nesting.
  25. 9,773 downloads
    block-chainable (0.1.1) == DESCRIPTION: BlockChainable is a module to aid in the creation of Domain Specific Languages u...
  26. 1,866 downloads
    blockchain-wallet (0.0.6) Provides access to all Wallet API functions (
  27. 1,093 downloads
    block_changes (0.0.1) This is a simple Ruby module for detecting variable changes inside a block for improving code wi...
  28. 933 downloads
    block_configurable (0.10.0) A little mixin to make your classes and modules configurable using either single statements or bl...
  29. 167,908 downloads
    blockenspiel (0.4.5) Blockenspiel is a helper library designed to make it easy to implement DSL blocks. It is designed...
  30. 4,102 downloads
    block_explorer (0.0.3) BlockExplorer is a Ruby wrapper for the Block Explorer API. Block Explorer (http://blockexplorer....