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  1. 187 downloads
    bitcoin_payable (0.0.1) A Bitcoin payment processor
  2. 632 downloads
    bitcoin-price (0.0.1) Get real time bitcoin prices from firebase.
  3. 911 downloads
    bitcoin-rails (0.0.1) A library for Bitcoin stuff in Ruby on Rails.
  4. 6,452 downloads
    bitcoin-ruby (0.0.6) This is a ruby library for interacting with the bitcoin protocol/network
  5. 6,267 downloads
    bitcoin_testnet (0.6.0) A gem of helpers for making integration tests with the Bitcoin testnet a little easier.
  6. 121 downloads
    bitcointoyou (0.0.1) Unofficial wrapper for the BitcoinToYou exchange API
  7. 358 downloads
    bitcoin_value (0.0.10) Provides a wrapper around Rest APIs to fetch the current BTC/Fiat value.
  8. 3,049 downloads
    bit_core (1.2.2) Models, migrations, etc.
  9. 584 downloads
    bitcourier (0.0.1) Decentralized and trustless communication protocol used to anonymously send encrypted messages vi...
  10. 229 downloads
    bitcurex (0.0.1) Bitcurex API
  11. 1,192 downloads
    bite (0.0.1) with bite, you can process 0/1 coded string, and make good use of it.
  12. 25,777 downloads
    bitescript (0.1.4) BiteScript is a Ruby DSL for generating Java bytecode and classes.
  13. 1,369 downloads
    bite_the_dust (0.0.2) Fire something when the specified time arrives.
  14. 2,260 downloads
    bitex (0.1.4) API client library for Fetch public market data and build tradi...
  15. 2,416 downloads
    bitex_bot (0.1.6) Both a trading robot and a library to build trading robots. The bitex-bot...
  16. 6,310 downloads
    bitfield (0.9.4) This C extension wraps boost::dynamic_bitset and makes it available \ as ...
  17. 106,044 downloads
    bitfields (0.4.3) Save migrations and columns by storing multiple booleans in a single integer
  18. 454 downloads
    bit_field_serializer (0.0.1) Handles conversion of enum arrays to and from a bit field
  19. 122 downloads
    bitfinex (0.0.1) This is a Bitfinex Ruby Gem to access and manage Bitfinex data provided by its API.
  20. 4,046 downloads
    bitfluent-activemerchant (1.15.1) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...
  21. 2,261 downloads
    bitfluent-database_cleaner (0.5.2) Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
  22. 2,036 downloads
    bitfluent-vestal_versions (1.1.0) Keep a DRY history of your ActiveRecord models' changes
  23. 9,428 downloads
    bitgain-mockdata (0.0.5) Generates random first and last names, company names, numbers, time-zones and words
  24. 10,623 downloads
    bitgirder-platform (0.1.27) Contains core classes and interfaces for building event logger implementations. Also includes hel...
  25. 122 downloads
    bitgram-ruby (0.1.0) A simple ruby wrapper for the payment processing API
  26. 3,354 downloads
    bit_hash (0.1.1) bit_hash is a useful tool to pass through options through a string. The best usecases would be fo...
  27. 138 downloads
    bithavoc-identity (0.1.0) Full-featured client library for
  28. 597 downloads
    bithound (0.0.1) a quick way to check the latest trade time and price for mtgoxUSD
  29. 1,281 downloads
    bitid (0.0.4) Ruby implementation of the BitID authentication protocol
  30. 2,784 downloads
    bitindex (0.0.4) This library contains a Writer and Reader interface to create files where the position of a bit w...