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  1. 772 downloads
    blinkstick-rspec-formatter (0.0.2) BlinkStick Rspec Formatter causes a connected blinkstick to blink green or red as each spec p...
  2. 197 downloads
    blink_suv (0.0.8) A sample of SUVARNA's gems.
  3. 12,778 downloads
    blinky (0.0.12) plug and play support for USB build status indicators
  4. 2,459 downloads
    blinky_billd (0.0.3) Blinky is great for controlling a build light, and Billd can tell you how healthy your builds are...
  5. 980 downloads
    blinky-cloud (1.1.3) A Ruby interface for blinky-cloud
  6. 5,452 downloads
    blinky_monitor (0.1.2) watches a CI server and tells blinky about it. dude.
  7. 848 downloads
    BlinkyTape (0.0.2) Control a strip of RGB LEDs from
  8. 2,076 downloads
    blinky-tape-test-status (1.1.3) A Ruby interface for blinky-tape-test-status
  9. 1,815 downloads
    blinky-tape-test-status-guard (1.1.2) Guard integration for blinky-tape-test-status
  10. 3,288 downloads
    blip (1.1.0) A little command line utility for accessing the clipboard: Pipe into blip (or pass args) for copy...
  11. 1,933 downloads
    blipfm (0.1.0) A ruby library for the API. Developed to facilitate the development of (social me...
  12. 867 downloads
    blippex_api (1.0.0) A ruby wrapper for the blippex search engine API made bythe people, forthe people
  13. 6,847 downloads
    bliptv (0.1.1) A Ruby library from
  14. 130,454 downloads
    blirb (0.0.5) ruby adventure awaits! also, you will learn stuff.
  15. 7,324 downloads
    bliss (0.1.0) streamed xml parsing tool
  16. 2,106 downloads
    b-list (0.0.0) B-List is a Rack middleware that makes it easy to authenticate users based on membership i...
  17. 2,128 downloads
    blister (0.0.0) B-List is a Rack middleware that makes it easy to authenticate users based on membership i...
  18. 24,187 downloads
    blitline (2.4.0) The blitline gems provides a simple easy wrapper to the web api
  19. 54,395 downloads
    blitz (0.1.30) Command-line interface and Ruby client library for Make load and performance te...
  20. 2,165 downloads
    blitzcrank (0.0.7) Copy down remote files and sort into nice folders
  21. 990 downloads
    blitz_smtp (0.0.1) BlitzSMTP implements RFC2920 (Command Pipelining) to achieve high message throughput
  22. 1,083 downloads
    blizz (0.2) Blizz let's you easily load hashes into objects
  23. 1,842 downloads
    blizzard-community-api (1.0.0) A ruby implementation of standard and authorized (OpenAuth) calls to the Blizzard Community API
  24. 833 downloads
    blizzardry (0.0.2) Ruby library for mastering the wizardry that is Blizzard's game files
  25. 17,674 downloads
    blm (1.0.3) Hurrah! Another pointless text format to parse.
  26. 8,149 downloads
    bloat_check (0.0.5) Another ruby/rails bloat and memory leak debugging tool.
  27. 4,162 downloads
    bloatpng (0.0.5) There are plenty of tools to make your PNG's smaller. Sometimes bigger is better.
  28. 21,599 downloads
    blobject (0.5.0) Blobject provides a free flowing syntax for creating blobs of data.
  29. 1,451 downloads
    blobsterix (0.0.13) Blobsterix is a transcoding, caching, storage server that can transform your blobs (images, pdf, ...
  30. 465 downloads
    blobsterix_carrierwave (1.0.6) This gem is used to create a carrierwave binding to a blobsterix server