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  1. 634 downloads
    backup-pcs (0.0.2) Backup Storage for supporting Baidu Personal Cloud Storage(PCS)
  2. 7,429 downloads
    backup_rails (0.0.9) Easy use backup gem with Rails.
  3. 1,591 downloads
    backup-rails (1.0.5) Backup rails project with backup & whenever gems
  4. 1,546 downloads
    backup-restorer (0.1.0) Tool for use with backup gem to restore your backups
  5. 528 downloads
    backups (0.0.1) Rotates our backups on S3 into grandfather, father son.
  6. 3,420 downloads
    backup-task (0.2.0) Provides a db:backup rake task designed to work within a Rails app.
  7. 5,057 downloads
    backup_tasks (0.1.0) Simple rake task for backing up to S3.
  8. 2,216 downloads
    backup_utility (1.0.1) Create database dumps and store them in a remote location
  9. 1,835 downloads
    backup-wakiki (2.4.1) Backup is a Ruby Gem written for Unix and Rails environments. It can...
  10. 675 downloads
    backy (0.0.7) Backup your databse (PostgreSQL or MySQL) with rake task. Handles capistrano.
  11. 3,243 downloads
    backyard (0.1.0) backyard allows you to name the models in your cucumber scenarios.
  12. 3,431 downloads
    backzilla (0.0.2) Backzilla can backup multiple entities to multiple destinations.
  13. 95,491 downloads
    bacon (1.2.0) Bacon is a small RSpec clone weighing less than 350 LoC but nevertheless providing all essential ...
  14. 4,913 downloads
    bacon-bits (0.1.0) This extends the bacon testing framework with useful extensions to disable tests, have before and...
  15. 2,457 downloads
    Bacon_Colored (0.1.3) require "bacon"; require "Bacon_Colored";
  16. 2,452 downloads
    bacon-colored_output (1.0.1) Colored output for Bacon test framework!
  17. 1,384 downloads
    Bacon_FS (0.1.0) Matches for Bacon related to the file system. "~/.bashrc" file
  18. 5,318 downloads
    Bacon_FS_Matchers (0.2.1) Custom matchers for Bacon when dealing with the file system. \ Includes matchers: a_file, a_d...
  19. 787 downloads
    baconmail (0.9.0) The original Otherinbox Defender is no more. Sadly, the newest version is subpar and do not meet ...
  20. 8,200 downloads
    baconmocha (0.0.2) Also, a serious runner for the Lack of Creativity Ruby Libraries Award, together with file-ta...
  21. 4,438 downloads
    Bacon_Rack (0.2.2) Provides helpers for your Bacon specs using rack-test: :renders, :redirects_to, :render...
  22. 2,083 downloads
    bacon-rr (0.1.0) This extends the bacon testing framework with the ability to use rr.
  23. 2,115 downloads
    bacuview (1.5) Bacuview is a web application that provides a view into the current state of a Bacula backup system.
  24. 1,918 downloads
    bacuwatch (1.5) Bacuwatch is an application normally run from a cron job to email out reports on the status of a ...
  25. 1,241 downloads
    badabing (0.0.2) this project has been moved to the searchbing gem, a working copy can be found at http://rubygems...
  26. 5,573 downloads
    bad_ass_extensions (0.3.0) Some bad ass extensions I use all the time
  27. 1,352 downloads
    badb (0.1.0) Wrapper command for adb that lets you alias devices and prompts you for which device you want to ...
  28. 1,562 downloads
    badbill (0.1.0) Fast and easy access to all resources the Billomat API provides (not all resources are Ruby class...
  29. 1,175 downloads
    bad_bot (0.9) Avoid bad keywords from being indexed by google and other robots.
  30. 3,514 downloads
    bad_browser (0.0.3) 'Unsupported browser' warning to IE users with Chrome Frame install link, for Rails (>= 3.1)