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  1. 10,662 downloads
    bombshell (0.1.6) Give your application or gem an interactive shell, complete with custom prompts, tab completion, ...
  2. 981 downloads
    bona_fide (0.1.1) Low level Rack authentication enforcement
  3. 228,388 downloads
    bond (0.5.1) Bond is on a mission to improve autocompletion in ruby, especially for irb/ripl. Aside from doing...
  4. 3,715 downloads
    bondage (0.1.2) class Binding stinks, module Bondage stinks less. Bondage provides hashes of local, global, inst...
  5. 116 downloads
    bondo (0.0.1) Sensible composite Ruby objects
  6. 6,090 downloads
    bond-rails (0.0.1) Automatically load bond in rails console
  7. 1,842 downloads
    bond-yard (0.1.0) This bond plugin generates completions for gems that have been documented with yard.
  8. 15,321 downloads
    bone (0.3.2) A simple store for remote environment variables
  9. 17,041 downloads
    boned (0.3.2) HTTP server companion for Bone (remote environment variables)
  10. 259 downloads
    bonehead (0.0.1) Retry blocks of code when they raise an exception.
  11. 1,464 downloads
    boneidle (0.0.1) # BoneIdle # A Gem for using lazy evaluation in Ruby. BoneIdle provides not only a simple Lazy ...
  12. 1,479 downloads
    bonekit (0.0.5-arm-linux) BoneKit is a hardware interface toolkit for the beaglebone. It enables access from ruby to hardwa...
  13. 3,510 downloads
    boner (0.1.3) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  14. 125,568 downloads
    bones (3.8.1) Mr Bones is a handy tool that creates new Ruby projects from a code skeleton. The skeleton contai...
  15. 1,354 downloads
    bones-compiler (1.3.1) Bones is a source-to-source compiler based on algorithmic skeletons and algorithmic species. It t...
  16. 15,487 downloads
    bones-extras (1.3.0) This package has been deprecated. All it will do now is install the following Mr Bones plugins: ...
  17. 19,268 downloads
    bones-git (1.3.0) The git package for Mr Bones provides tasks to incorporate git actions into gem release. It also ...
  18. 1,888 downloads
    bones-rails (1.1.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  19. 3,982 downloads
    bones-rcov (1.0.1) The rcov package for Mr Bones provides tasks for running rcov over your unit tests and source code.
  20. 1,202 downloads
    bones-rpc (0.0.3) Bones::RPC client for ruby
  21. 401 downloads
    bones-rpc-adapter-erlang (0.0.1) Bones::RPC erlang adapter for ruby
  22. 1,192 downloads
    bones-rpc-adapter-msgpack (0.0.2) Bones::RPC msgpack adapter for ruby
  23. 398 downloads
    bones-rpc-celluloid (0.0.1) Bones::RPC asynchronous client for ruby
  24. 9,050 downloads
    bones-rspec (2.0.1) A plugin for [Mr Bones]( that incorporates rake tasks for running R...
  25. 2,191 downloads
    bones-rubyforge (1.0.0) The rubyforge package for Mr Bones provides tasks to release gem files to RubyForege.
  26. 1,887 downloads
    bones-yard (1.0.0) The yard package for Mr Bones provides tasks to incorporate Yard based documentation into bones b...
  27. 2,105 downloads
    bones-zentest (1.0.0) The zentest package for Mr Bones provides tasks to incorporate ZentTest automated testing into bo...
  28. 25,589 downloads
    bonethug (0.0.79) Project Skeleton Manager
  29. 10,665 downloads
    bone_tree (0.9.4) This is a filetree, written with Backbone. It is meant to be tree that will update your file node...
  30. 500 downloads
    bonfig (0.1.2) Configuration Mixin