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  1. 1,982 downloads
    blame (0.0.0) see who's responsible for gem crimes
  2. 1,267 downloads
    BlameMe (0.0.1) A gem to know the contributors of a github repo
  3. 1,880 downloads
    blamescope (0.0.4) Find whom to blame for broken stuff
  4. 2,352 downloads
    blamestamp (0.9.1) Similar to ActiveRecord::Timestamp, this gem provides a blame datetime and user for create/update...
  5. 1,860 downloads
    blaml (1.0.0) Blaml is a parser based on Psych (ruby 1.9 only) for yaml files that have been blamed with a SCM....
  6. 11,106 downloads
    blammo (0.2.6) Changelog generator.
  7. 1,660 downloads
    blankable (0.2.0) Adds blank slates to index view
  8. 1,021 downloads
    blankblank (0.0.0) Blank
  9. 458 downloads
    blank_element (0.0.1) manage blank elements of Array objects.(Rails is not required, but ActiveSupport is required.
  10. 7,741 downloads
    blanket (0.1.0) Blanket is a flexible backup framework designed to get the drudgery out of the way and to make au...
  11. 2,359 downloads
    blanket_cachekey (0.0.1) Provides a rails cache key for caching data that should be invalidated whenever any ActiveRecord ...
  12. 346 downloads
    blanket-rails (1.1.5) Blanket.js Javascript lib packaged for the Rails asset pipeline
  13. 5,415 downloads
    blankplate-rails (1.4.0) Blankplate is an alternative solution to save you time in frontend developing.
  14. 1,394,269 downloads
    blankslate (3.1.3) BlankSlate extracted from Builder.
  15. 878 downloads
    blank_slate (1.0.0) Create null classes based upon other classes. This allows you to create null objects wit...
  16. 5,179 downloads
    blasphemy (0.2.0) Surprise everyone by stubbing placeholder texts with something more original than boring "Lorem i...
  17. 360 downloads
    blast (2.2.25.RC3) This gem will automatically download and install pre-compiled NCBI BLAST+ binaries that is most a...
  18. 2,267 downloads
    blastbeat (0.0.2) BlastBeat Server integration module
  19. 682 downloads
    blaster (0.0.1) A gem to control USB dart guns.
  20. 3,692 downloads
    blast_furnace (0.0.3) A BLAST FURNACE! What more do you want to know?
  21. 8,921 downloads
    blast_mavens_multiplayer (0.1.4) Blast Mavens Multiplayer is 2D game written in ruby using gosu inspired by bomberman (currently i...
  22. 2,917 downloads
    blast_off (0.5.0) An iOS beta distribution tool.
  23. 42,458 downloads
    blastr (0.2.3) Blastr observes a version control repository for commits and makes audible announcements out of t...
  24. 17,313 downloads
    blastramp (0.0.12) Blastramp Shipping Services Client Library for polling inventory and submitting shipping orders.
  25. 2,448 downloads
    blastwolf (0.1.3) Pattern library documentation
  26. 1,196 downloads
    blat (0.1.0) Curl::Multi wrapper for high-performance and/or long-running download tasks
  27. 135,239 downloads
    blather (1.0.0) An XMPP DSL for Ruby written on top of EventMachine and Nokogiri
  28. 12,232 downloads
    blavoshost (0.2.5) A tool to add local vhosts ot apache/OSX
  29. 23,015 downloads
    blavosync (0.5.2) Sync a remote db and rsync content to your development environment. Useful for small teams and d...
  30. 1,492 downloads
    blawzoo-plutus (0.5.3) The plutus plugin provides a complete double entry accounting system for use in any Ruby on Rails...