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  1. 210 downloads
    blockchain-ruby (1.0.1) Convenient wrapper around public API.
  2. 2,892 downloads
    blockchain-wallet (0.0.6) Provides access to all Wallet API functions (
  3. 1,254 downloads
    block_changes (0.0.1) This is a simple Ruby module for detecting variable changes inside a block for improving code wi...
  4. 1,256 downloads
    block_configurable (0.10.0) A little mixin to make your classes and modules configurable using either single statements or bl...
  5. 194,978 downloads
    blockenspiel (0.4.5) Blockenspiel is a helper library designed to make it easy to implement DSL blocks. It is designed...
  6. 4,568 downloads
    block_explorer (0.0.3) BlockExplorer is a Ruby wrapper for the Block Explorer API. Block Explorer (http://blockexplorer....
  7. 1,986 downloads
    block_hash (0.0.1) Evaluate a block to a hash
  8. 491 downloads
    blockhead (0.0.7) A simple DSL for marshaling objects into a schema
  9. 52,729 downloads
    block_helpers (0.3.3) An extension to ActionView for adding block helpers to views
  10. 851 downloads
    blockhole (0.0.1) This is a simple caching library inspired by the api of VCR. Currently Redis is the only storage ...
  11. 4,124 downloads
    block-html (0.0.4) block-html
  12. 524 downloads
    block_io (0.1.3) This Ruby Gem is the official reference client for the payments API. To use this, you wi...
  13. 3,498 downloads
    block_js (0.0.2) An unobtrusive way to write and organize your javascript. Logic for each block goes to separate j...
  14. 10,792 downloads
    blocklist (0.1.4) Blocklist manages /etc/hosts with the goal of routing distracting websites to localhost. It also ...
  15. 2,041 downloads
    block_party (0.1.2) Make any object configurable; quickly, cleanly, easily.
  16. 12,418 downloads
    blockpile (0.5.1) This module attempts to create structured view helpers. Essentially, a blockpile consists of a ru...
  17. 56,548 downloads
    blocks (2.6.4) Blocks goes beyond blocks and partials
  18. 2,229 downloads
    blockscore (3.0.0) A ruby client library for the BlockScore API.
  19. 4,137 downloads
    block-tea (1.3.2) A fork of an implementation of the Tiny Encryption Algorithm that's compatible with PHP's xxTEA
  20. 4,297 downloads
    blocky (0.0.11) Block give you the ability add editable content blocks to any template with a single view helper.
  21. 2,546 downloads
    blodsband (0.0.2) An event-machine based riak client with some extra relationship support.
  22. 2,111 downloads
    blog (0.0.1) A blog gem
  23. 4,101 downloads
    blogaze (0.2.0) Blogaze is a simple blog powered by Ramaze and Sequel.
  24. 7,238 downloads
    blog_basic (0.1.14) blog_basic is a gem which allows you to set up a generic blog which rdoesn√łt require any work in ...
  25. 699 downloads
    blogcomments (0.0.1) Automatically posts blog comments to wordpress blogs
  26. 2,191 downloads
    blogdoor (0.0.5) Blogdoor is a toolkit for easily previewing posts.
  27. 612 downloads
    blogdown (0.1.2) A Simple Markdown Solution With synntax highlighing
  28. 2,188 downloads
    blogeen (0.0.1) A simple blog system
  29. 3,045 downloads
    blogelator (0.2.4) Blogelator is a mountable Rails::Engine for adding a blog to your Rails app.
  30. 2,443 downloads
    blogfun (0.0.1) Project that offers API for various data of