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  1. 2,156 downloads
    boogaloo (0.1) Boogaloo is a very simple cache server that provides permanent and temporary object persistence, ...
  2. 3,394 downloads
    book (0.1.0) A book model for consuming various book APIs
  3. 2,005 downloads
    bookable (0.0.52) a bookings reservation gem for rails 4.0
  4. 1,287 downloads
    bookchef (0.1.7) Parser and compiler for BookChef.xml format
  5. 342 downloads
    bookdepository (0.0.4) API wrapper
  6. 1,545 downloads
    bookery (0.2.0) A gem that gives you the tools you need to write your own book
  7. 18,114 downloads
    book_finder_api (0.0.17) Finds the book details from the flipkart
  8. 22,221 downloads
    bookie (0.0.14) Eventually this may be a markdown to PDF, ePUB, MOBI processor. For now it's just something I'm p...
  9. 6,147 downloads
    bookie_accounting (2.0.0) A simple system to consolidate and analyze process accounting records
  10. 1,183 downloads
    bookingit (0.4.0) Write a code-heavy book in Markdown
  11. 3,356 downloads
    bookingstudio-ruby (0.2.0) ruby interface to the Bookingstudio SOAP Interface
  12. 5,501 downloads
    bookingsync (0.3.0) Ruby wrapper around BookingSync API Configure by adding the following: require 'bookingsy...
  13. 4,108 downloads
    bookingsync-api (0.0.18) This gem allows to interact with the BookingSync API via Ruby objects
  14. 239 downloads
    bookingsync-engine (0.1.0) A Rails engine to simplify integration with BookingSync API
  15. 429 downloads
    bookingsync-rack-p3p (1.0.0) BookingSync-Rack-P3p is rack middleware for inserting P3P headers into apps. This will allow your...
  16. 3,717 downloads
    bookis-paperclip ( Easy upload management for ActiveRecord w/Google Storage option
  17. 7,245 downloads
    bookit (0.2.2) A quick way to format and output generic book information or articles in multiple formats. Mainly...
  18. 5,306 downloads
    bookkeeper (0.0.7) Bokkeeper is a Rails mountable engine with Twitter Bootstrap compatible markup.
  19. 18,645 downloads
    bookland (3.2.1) Provides EAN, ISBN, and ASIN classes and validators in Ruby
  20. 2,743 downloads
    bookle (0.0.5) Allows to search for books within Google Books. This is basically an adapter for the Google Books...
  21. 789 downloads
    booklist (0.0.7) A book collection program
  22. 5,145 downloads
    bookmaker (0.6.0) Bookmaker provides authors a free, ruby-based production toolchain for self-published paper and e...
  23. 558 downloads
    bookmark (0.0.1) Makes bookmarking directories in a unix filesystem a breeze
  24. 5,171 downloads
    bookmarker (0.0.7) Simple add bookmarks functionality to your models
  25. 1,120 downloads
    bookmarkeron (0.0.2) declare bookmarks in a yaml file, merge them into your Chrome bookmarks
  26. 2,861 downloads
    bookmarks (0.2.2) Bookmarks is a library to parse or build a file of bookmarks, currently only files in netscape fo...
  27. 1,466 downloads
    bookpress (0.0.7) Bookpress is a small gem that spits out a single HTML document, generated from an implicit direct...
  28. 1,504 downloads
    book_publisher (1.0.0) Gem for building setting up and building books in multiple formats
  29. 2,294 downloads
    books (0.0.3) Read and upload e-books. E.g. This gem is distributed as Rails...
  30. 32,690 downloads
    bookscan (0.5.14) This is a scraper of Bookscan ( Service.This is *NOT* a official softwa...