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  1. 911 downloads
    baconmail (0.9.0) The original Otherinbox Defender is no more. Sadly, the newest version is subpar and do not meet ...
  2. 8,458 downloads
    baconmocha (0.0.2) Also, a serious runner for the Lack of Creativity Ruby Libraries Award, together with file-ta...
  3. 4,927 downloads
    Bacon_Rack (0.2.2) Provides helpers for your Bacon specs using rack-test: :renders, :redirects_to, :render...
  4. 2,241 downloads
    bacon-rr (0.1.0) This extends the bacon testing framework with the ability to use rr.
  5. 2,252 downloads
    bacuview (1.5) Bacuview is a web application that provides a view into the current state of a Bacula backup system.
  6. 2,039 downloads
    bacuwatch (1.5) Bacuwatch is an application normally run from a cron job to email out reports on the status of a ...
  7. 1,502 downloads
    badabing (0.0.2) this project has been moved to the searchbing gem, a working copy can be found at http://rubygems...
  8. 6,053 downloads
    bad_ass_extensions (0.3.0) Some bad ass extensions I use all the time
  9. 1,479 downloads
    badb (0.1.0) Wrapper command for adb that lets you alias devices and prompts you for which device you want to ...
  10. 1,820 downloads
    badbill (0.1.0) Fast and easy access to all resources the Billomat API provides (not all resources are Ruby class...
  11. 1,304 downloads
    bad_bot (0.9) Avoid bad keywords from being indexed by google and other robots.
  12. 3,884 downloads
    bad_browser (0.0.3) 'Unsupported browser' warning to IE users with Chrome Frame install link, for Rails (>= 3.1)
  13. 1,222 downloads
    badcards (0.3.1) Includes cards, decks (of multiple sizes), hands, and drawing (of multiple cards).
  14. 283 downloads
    baddr (0.0.1) A gem to save you from the boring, repetitive taskof creating integrated city/state models, contr...
  15. 4,050 downloads
    bad_encodings-ruby19 (1.0.0) Small gem that tries to make the task of finding bad ruby encodings in your project a little easier.
  16. 10,835 downloads
    badfruit (1.1.2) Interface with the Rotten Tomatoes API
  17. 14,267 downloads
    badgeable (0.5.1) Badgeable provides an elegant DSL for describing and awarding badges to your Ruby objects.
  18. 1,492 downloads
    badgeable_active_record (0.1.1) ActiveRecord adapter for Badgeable
  19. 4,039 downloads
    badger (1.0.1) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: It's free, it's quick, and it's easy. That being said, it requires a few ...
  20. 7,258 downloads
    badgerbadgerbadger (0.9.0) Generate Github project badges like a boss
  21. 2,091 downloads
    badgerfish (0.0.4) Badgerfish xml to json convention for ruby
  22. 265 downloads
    badgerhash (0.0.1) Parse XML as IO into hash using badgerfish convention.
  23. 2,999 downloads
    badgerkit (0.0.12) Simple api wrapper for submitting data to
  24. 2,823 downloads
    badger-rails (1.0.4) Badger-Rails makes use of Capistrano and Badger to create a configuration for easy deployment to ...
  25. 1,138 downloads
    badges (2.0.0) Badges is a Ruby gem that allows you to connect to different API's to retrieve your earned badges...
  26. 1,086 downloads
    badges2svg (0.1.3) Parse a markdown file and replace PNG badges with SVG ones.
  27. 1,138 downloads
    badges_engine_test (0.0.1) Not suitable for production
  28. 13,746 downloads
    badgeville (0.1.1) Badgeville API client
  29. 7,025 downloads
    badgeville_berlin (1.0.6) This is an open source Ruby wrapper for interacting with the Badgeville RESTful Berlin API.
  30. 2,235 downloads
    badginator (0.0.4) Add "badges" to any Rails model.