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  1. 113 downloads
    blythedunham-ar_test_runner (0.1.1) Run ActiveRecord core regression tests with your code/gem/plugin/module loaded
  2. 514 downloads
    blythedunham-base4r ( Ruby client for the Google Base API
  3. 112 downloads
    blythedunham-sms_on_rails (0.1.0) Integrate your application with SMS through Clickatell or the Email Gateways
  4. 5,297 downloads
    blz ( BLZ (Bankleitzahlen) is a small library for looking up the widely used bank identifier code syste...
  5. 116 downloads
    bmabey-clispec (0.0.2) Step defs, world helpers, etc. for testing CLI tools with Cucumber. Custom example group to help...
  6. 719 downloads
    bmabey-database_cleaner (0.2.3) Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
  7. 1,815 downloads
    bmabey-email_spec (0.3.4) Easily test email in rspec and cucumber
  8. 320 downloads
    bmabey-fakefs ( A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
  9. 106 downloads
    bmabey-faketwitter (0.1.1) FakeWeb wrapper for Twitter and factories to build tweets and search responses
  10. 341 downloads
    bmabey-rosetta_queue (0.3.3) Messaging gateway API with adapters for many messaging systems available in Ruby. Messaging syste...
  11. 211 downloads
    bmabey-spork (0.5.9) A forking Drb spec server
  12. 2,043 downloads
    bmabey-vagrant (0.2.0) Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
  13. 3,897 downloads
    bmaland-aegis (1.1.6) Aegis is a role-based permission system, where all users are given a role. It is possible to defi...
  14. 1,919 downloads
    bmaland-has_many_polymorphs (2.5.0) An ActiveRecord plugin for self-referential and double-sided polymorphic associations.
  15. 109 downloads
    bmarini-mathstats (0.9.1) Mathstats is a basic statistics library. It is meant to be mixed into Array, but you can also use...
  16. 326 downloads
    bmarzolf-picnic ( Camping for sissies
  17. 3,984 downloads
    bme (0.1.1) A simple wrapper around ruby's Benchmark library for cleaner, simpler benchmark tests
  18. 3,819 downloads
    bmedia-casserver (1.1.3) Provides single sign-on authentication for web applications using the CAS protocol.
  19. 1,785 downloads
    bmf (0.2.2) Browse bitmessages in a forum-like environment.
  20. 1,130 downloads
    bmf-dialog (0.0.1) Generate dialog plist
  21. 440 downloads
    bmff (0.1.0) ISO Base Media File Format file parser.
  22. 2,060 downloads
    bmhatfield-vagrant (1.0.10) Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
  23. 3,189 downloads
    bmi (0.2.0) The Body Mass Index (BMI) Gem is usefull to calculate your BMI from console, and add this gem to ...
  24. 660 downloads
    bmicalc (0.0.3) Calculate BMI
  25. 816 downloads
    bmizerany-sinatra (0.9.1) Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
  26. 2,036 downloads
    bmizerany-sinatra-mongo (0.0.3) = sinatra-mongo Extends Sinatra with an extension method for dealing with monogodb using the rub...
  27. 2,131 downloads
    bmmlexporter (0.0.1) Bmmlexporter provides simple Balsamiq Mockup .bmml files exporting features.
  28. 2,552 downloads
    bmo (0.8.7) Push notifications to iOS and Android devices
  29. 221 downloads
    bmo-mini_magick (1.2.6) This is an enhanced version of the mini_magick gem which optimizes analysis of image files.
  30. 112 downloads
    BMorearty-looksee (0.1.1) Looksee lets you examine the method lookup path of objects in ways not possible in plain ruby.