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  1. 3,333 downloads
    bounce-email (0.0.1) This Ruby library is for determining the bounce type of an email message. It finds out if bounce ...
  2. 7,504 downloads
    bounce_fetcher (0.0.6) A set of tools for processing email bounces in a flexible way.
  3. 1,732 downloads
    bounce_fu (0.0.3) TODO
  4. 4,808 downloads
    bouncer (0.0.3) Bouncer makes it easy to remove a collabroator's access to all of your github projects, perfect f...
  5. 2,154 downloads
    bouncestudio (0.0.2) A Ruby API wrapping the BounceStudio library from Boogie Tools
  6. 1,126 downloads
    bounce_studio_ffi (0.1.2) Ruby BounceStudio API for Linux
  7. 2,482 downloads
    bouncy_bots (0.2.0) Simple negative captcha for Rails
  8. 1,201,127 downloads
    bouncy-castle-java (1.5.0147) Gem redistribution of "Legion of the Bouncy Castle Java cryptography APIs" jars at http://www.bou...
  9. 6,869 downloads
    bound (1.0.1) Implements a nice helper for fast boundary definitions
  10. 937 downloads
    boundary (0.1.0) This gem is intended to provide a set of helpers to scope queries under a fixed parameter determi...
  11. 386 downloads
    boundary_event (0.1.0) Wrapper for Boundary Event API
  12. 450 downloads
    bounded_hash (1) A Hash with limited size, deleting the oldest entries when the bound is surpassed.
  13. 692 downloads
    bounding_boxes (0.1.2) a gem to convert point_radius geolocations to bounding boxes and split them into smaller boxes
  14. 5,517 downloads
    boundio (0.0.5) Boundio is KDDI's telephony API. This is a simple wrapper for it.
  15. 964 downloads
    boundioV2 (0.0.1) Boundio is KDDI's telephony API. This is a simple wrapper for it.
  16. 1,541 downloads
    boundless-gdata (0.0.6) Just a small wrapper around the google-spreadsheet-ruby gem.
  17. 297 downloads
    boundy (0.3.0) Boundy is a bounding and constraining library for any comparable types; it is like Ranges, but ...
  18. 3,126 downloads
    bounscale (0.0.4) Rack agent of auto scaling for Heroku by Bounscale.
  19. 5,793 downloads
    bountydeps (2012.11.1913) Bountyhill dependency tracker
  20. 1,599,344 downloads
    bourbon (4.0.0) Bourbon provides a comprehensive framework of sass mixins that are designed to be as vanilla as p...
  21. 8,391 downloads
    bourbon-compass (3.1.8) ThoughtBot's Bourbon packaged as a Compass extension.
  22. 3,155 downloads
    bourgeois (1.0) Bourgeois is a Ruby library that makes using presenters a very simple thing.
  23. 793,876 downloads
    bourne (1.5.0) Extends mocha to allow detailed tracking and querying of stub and mock invocations. Allows te...
  24. 1,325 downloads
    boursorama (0.1) Boursorama Ruby API
  25. 10,869 downloads
    boutique (0.0.11) A Sinatra app that adds product checkouts and drip emails support to any websites (both UI + back...
  26. 1,994 downloads
    bouvier (0.0.2) Parse RMV data from Massachusetts
  27. 26,293 downloads
    bovem (3.0.5) A command line manager and a collection of utilities for developers.
  28. 8,339 downloads
    bovespa (0.5.6) Biblioteca Ruby para ler arquivos da Série Histórica da Bovespa e obter cotção direto na Bovespa ...
  29. 3,248 downloads
    bovespa_ingestion (0.3.2) It reads historical files of daily stock quotations, parses each line and inserts into database f...
  30. 3,447 downloads
    bovespa-prices (1.0.3) bovespa-prices is a ruby gem that connects to bovespa to get stock prices