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  1. 687 downloads
    bmrace (0.0.1) A command line tool for benchmark competition.
  2. 6,323 downloads
    bn4r (0.9.0) bn4r is a bayesian networks library on ruby that provides the user with classes for create bayesi...
  3. 4,271 downloads
    b_named (0.0.2) Currently it enables you to retrieve a list of domains and their status.
  4. 1,272 downloads
    bnb_exchange_rate (0.0.1) Fetch the exchange rates from the BNB. Use cache. Simple fast. The url from where the rates are t...
  5. 1,946 downloads
    bnet-authenticator (0.1.6) Ruby implementation of the Mobile Authenticator
  6. 15,393 downloads
    bnet_scraper (1.0.0) BnetScraper is a Nokogiri-based scraper of Starcraft 2 profile information.
  7. 156 downloads
    BNF (0.0.1) BNF maps out the content of the BNF and BNFC as published by NHS in the UK (https://www.evidence....
  8. 6,123 downloads
    bnicovideo (0.1.1) Get niconico douga video information using browser's cookie
  9. 3,209 downloads
    bnr_generator (0.5) Tool to generate a rails project ready for development
  10. 440 downloads
    bnt (0.0.2) Bosh ninja tools
  11. 7,917 downloads
    board-client (0.99.1) A ruby wrapper for the RecruitMilitary Board HTTP API
  12. 1,265 downloads
    boardgame (0.0.4) A simple Ruby object library for board and tile based games.
  13. 2,238 downloads
    board_game_geek (0.0.2) We love board games. We love coding. Let's code against the data from!
  14. 756 downloads
    boardie (0.0.1) Simple status display board for Redmine
  15. 7,837 downloads
    boarding_pass (0.1.9) Boarding Pass provides a set of tools and defaults to quickly start web project front-ends.
  16. 4,078 downloads
    board-linuxfr (0.1.2) Push notifications for the board of via Server-Sent Events
  17. 5,203 downloads
    BOAST (0.999) BOAST aims at providing a framework to metaprogram, benchmark and validate computing kernels
  18. 7,917 downloads
    boat (0.2.4) File upload client and server specifically aimed at transferring already-encrypted backups
  19. 7,727 downloads
    boatman (0.1.3) Ruby DSL for ferrying around and manipulating files
  20. 9,013 downloads
    bob (0.5.0) Bob the Builder will build your code. Simple.
  21. 3,966 downloads
    bobbit (0.0.3) Someone had to do it. After installation just type 'snip'
  22. 6,847 downloads
    bobble (0.0.8) For pinging your web services (any URL) & freely or cheaply getting email/SMS notifications when ...
  23. 5,503 downloads
    bobby (0.0.4) Bobby is all about guarding the access to actions on controllers and model instances on your Rail...
  24. 314 downloads
    bobbyno-shubox (0.8.1) Test-driven learning is a way to master a programming language by writing unit tests around its A...
  25. 317 downloads
    bobbyno-tbox (0.6) Test-driven learning is a way to master a programming language by writing unit tests around its A...
  26. 942 downloads
    bobes-textmagic (0.3.3) textmagic is a Ruby interface to the TextMagic's Bulk SMS Gateway. It can be used to easily integ...
  27. 6,433 downloads
    bobette (0.0.6) Bob's sister
  28. 5,515 downloads
    bobik (0.0.5) Bobik is a web service for scraping the web in real-time
  29. 5,333 downloads
    bobmcwtest (1.0.0) testing how versioning works
  30. 207 downloads
    bobotheshortm-whenever (0.3.2) Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.