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  1. 6,162 downloads
    blue_velvet (1.0.5) BlueVelvet connects to a Facebook page and returns content from it in partials that can be modifi...
  2. 1,882 downloads
    bluevia (1.0) Ruby SDK for BlueVia allows you to use the BueVia public API from your Ruby ...
  3. 2,887 downloads
    bluevia_engine (0.1.1) Rails Engine to provide BlueVia oAuth mechanism in a seamless way
  4. 68,761 downloads
    bluff (0.1.0) A single source of lies for all your testing needs
  5. 2,900 downloads
    blume (0.0.4) Blume allows you to generate a static website from certain Sinatra projects.
  6. 3,451 downloads
    blunder (0.0.1) i am waiting to upload this
  7. 4,957 downloads
    blundersaur (0.0.2) A library of Ruby methods to simulate data entry mistakes
  8. 1,255 downloads
    blunt_stub_factory (0.0.2) Simple StubFactory for rspec
  9. 5,616 downloads
    bluplate (0.1.1) a simple framework to share yourwork
  10. 16,268 downloads
    blur (1.7.3) An event-driven IRC-framework for Ruby.
  11. 8,074 downloads
    blurrily (1.0.0) Native fuzzy string search
  12. 644 downloads
    bluster (0.5.3-java) Bluster is a thin JRuby wrapper for Ordasity
  13. 13,382 downloads
    bluth (0.7.2) A Redis queuing system built on top of Familia
  14. 5,704 downloads
    Blux (0.0.5) An offline blog manager
  15. 203 downloads
    blythedunham-ar_dumper ( Extends ActiveRecord to export volume records to a file, string, or temp file in csv, yaml, or xm...
  16. 207 downloads
    blythedunham-ar_test_runner (0.1.1) Run ActiveRecord core regression tests with your code/gem/plugin/module loaded
  17. 940 downloads
    blythedunham-base4r ( Ruby client for the Google Base API
  18. 203 downloads
    blythedunham-sms_on_rails (0.1.0) Integrate your application with SMS through Clickatell or the Email Gateways
  19. 6,396 downloads
    blz ( BLZ (Bankleitzahlen) is a small library for looking up the widely used bank identifier code syste...
  20. 203 downloads
    bmabey-clispec (0.0.2) Step defs, world helpers, etc. for testing CLI tools with Cucumber. Custom example group to help...
  21. 1,327 downloads
    bmabey-database_cleaner (0.2.3) Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.
  22. 3,292 downloads
    bmabey-email_spec (0.3.4) Easily test email in rspec and cucumber
  23. 600 downloads
    bmabey-fakefs ( A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.
  24. 200 downloads
    bmabey-faketwitter (0.1.1) FakeWeb wrapper for Twitter and factories to build tweets and search responses
  25. 605 downloads
    bmabey-rosetta_queue (0.3.3) Messaging gateway API with adapters for many messaging systems available in Ruby. Messaging syste...
  26. 382 downloads
    bmabey-spork (0.5.9) A forking Drb spec server
  27. 2,109 downloads
    bmabey-vagrant (0.2.0) Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
  28. 4,031 downloads
    bmaland-aegis (1.1.6) Aegis is a role-based permission system, where all users are given a role. It is possible to defi...
  29. 1,988 downloads
    bmaland-has_many_polymorphs (2.5.0) An ActiveRecord plugin for self-referential and double-sided polymorphic associations.
  30. 199 downloads
    bmarini-mathstats (0.9.1) Mathstats is a basic statistics library. It is meant to be mixed into Array, but you can also use...