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  1. 2,949 downloads
    brute-fuzzy (1.0.0) Fuzzy bit match 64-bit integer key set in java with performance test.
  2. 1,309 downloads
    bruter (0.0.2) Bruter is a miniature Ruby library that allows its bearer the ability to craft elegant Rack-based...
  3. 1,682 downloads
    brute_squad (0.0.0) Sick of authentication frameworks with all the sauces? Me too.
  4. 1,125 downloads
    brutetools (0.0.1) Brutetools
  5. 2,358 downloads
    br_validator (0.1.0) Validators for the brazilian CPF and CNPJ
  6. 57,185 downloads
    brwsr (1.1.1) Do some browser detection with Ruby.
  7. 788 downloads
    bryanl-facebooker2 (0.0.5.x1) Facebook Connect integration library for ruby and rails
  8. 1,880 downloads
    bryanl-gherkin ( A fast Gherkin lexer/parser based on the Ragel State Machine Compiler.
  9. 1,267 downloads
    bryanl-skype ( Unofficial Skype Api wrapper
  10. 216 downloads
    br_zip_code (0.0.6) Gem that lets user find a brazilian address with the given zip_code.
  11. 3,630 downloads
    bscan (2.0.1) BScan is a configurable and extendable web application security scanner that can be run from a co...
  12. 1,277 downloads
    bscott-ec2ssh (0.2.0) Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this script pr...
  13. 12,793 downloads
    bsearch (1.5.0) The binary search algorithm is extracted from Jon Bentley's # Programming Pearls 2nd ed. p.93
  14. 945 downloads
    bsearch-ruby (0.1.1) A binary search implementation in ruby
  15. 5,369 downloads
    bsf_scrape (0.1.8) The gem for the Bargain Stock Funds web site
  16. 272 downloads
    bsgem (0.0.0) A simple gem
  17. 1,343 downloads
    bshell (0.0.2) bshell lets you enter into a shell where all commands happen in the bundle exec environment.
  18. 1,737 downloads
    bs-helper (0.1.4) This is a gem that wraps some components of bootstrap, pnotify and bootbox. It aims to provide us...
  19. 1,223 downloads
    bsl-thor (0.0.2) Thor distributed framework
  20. 13,209 downloads
    bsm-breadcrumbs (0.5.2) Breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumbs` object to controllers and views.
  21. 10,849 downloads
    bsm_models (0.2.7) BSM's very custom model extensions
  22. 12,828 downloads
    bsm-models (0.6.3) BSM's very custom model extensions
  23. 6,648 downloads
    bsm-openx (1.9.4) A Ruby interface to the OpenX XML-RPC API
  24. 32,331 downloads
    bsm-sso-client (0.8.4) BSM's internal SSO client
  25. 2,749 downloads
    bsns (0.3.5) Static YAML assets which live in your application repositories. For the streamlined modification...
  26. 1,398 downloads
    bsod (1.1.0) Simulates a Blue Screen Of Death, as seen on Micro$oftWindow$. As an executable, has optional fl...
  27. 4,160,320 downloads
    bson (2.2.2) A full featured BSON specification implementation, in Ruby
  28. 3,560,265 downloads
    bson_ext (1.10.0) C extensions to accelerate the Ruby BSON serialization. For more information about BSON, see http...
  29. 1,365 downloads
    bson_ext_ns (1.3.1) C extensions to accelerate the Ruby BSON serialization. For more information about BSON, see http...
  30. 584 downloads
    bson_minihash (0.0.1) Saves space by storing strings with limited character sets as packed BSON BinData.